#AmWriting, Book Events, and #Marvel Movies

I’m still working on my second draft of the new book – which is still untitled.  Right now, the working title is Book 3.  Take note of my eloquence.  With Sarah, I struggled for months to find the right title, and only decided on it five minutes before sending the manuscript to my publisher.  With The Gemini Connection, the title popped in my head almost from day one.  Anyhoo, this second draft seems to be moving at a snail’s pace.  I’m frustrated that, considering the amount of time I’ve been working on this book, from the day the idea popped in my head until now, this is as far as I’ve gotten.  With TGC, I was in a similar situation, although not to this degree, but once I reached a certain point in the writing process, progress moved with the speed of a freight train.  I’m hoping that train shows up pretty soon.  Anyone else in/has been in this situation?

A new book festival is starting up an hour from where I live – Heartland Book Festival, if anyone wants to apply.  Friday will be Children’s Day – it’s always fun seeing swarms of kids with books in their hands, and Saturday will also be a signing day, with panels and presentations.  I’m hoping I get in, but if not, I’ll probably be there as a reader.  My next event is the Lexington Legendary Book Bash, in Lexington, KY in March.  That’s one I always look forward to – not just for the signing, books, and meeting readers and other authors – but my oldest son lives there.  So it’s like a bonus!

So I’m over halfway through the second season of The Punisher on Netflix.  Jon Bernthal (a Walking Dead alum) does a fantastic job as Frank Castle.  Speaking of The Walking Dead – it returned last night!  A lot of changes this second half of the season, and it’s been a long wait since the first half ended.  There haven’t been any movies out lately I’ve been excited about.  However, Captain Marvel releases March 8th, and Avengers:  Endgame is out April 26th – do you really need to ask where I’ll be on those days?

Have a great week!


45 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Book Events, and #Marvel Movies

  1. Hoping the train comes for you soon. I’m about 20K words from finishing my WIP, and I can’t seem to write them. (When you train comes, make sure it stops for me.)

    I was stunned when I saw the trailer for Captain Marvel. I thought, “That’s not out until March. Seems awfully early to advertise.” Then I realized it’s February. This year is getting away from me.

    I hope you get into the festival as an author. Either way, though, it sounds like fun.

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    1. If the train arrives, I’ll make sure to swing by and get you, Staci. And I had the same thought about Captain Marvel – but it’s only a few weeks away! It hasn’t seemed like winter here – we’ve only had a handful of really cold days, no snow to speak of, and tons of rain – so it’s hard for me to believe spring is right around the corner.

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    1. Thanks, Priscilla! I’m sure you’re stunned by my creativity. You’re the third person who’s mentioned Lucifer to me in the past couple of weeks. Sounds like something I’ll have to check out.


  2. that train is always a hit or miss kind of thing with me. but i keep on trudging on and sometimes – if the train doesn’t come – i get a ride on an old carriage.
    the first two books in my trilogy were called “Suzan” and “Suzan 2” until the end of last year. Seeing that the main character’s name was Roxanne, i still can’t remember what i was on when i named the folder.
    i suppose next time i’ll just do as you, book 1, 2, 3

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    1. Oh, Jina – thanks for that laugh with the folder names, lol. I’ve been known to change a character’s name mid stream, and then wonder who I’m talking about when I begin revising. And you’re right – maybe I need to think outside the box and grab a carriage instead.

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  3. Teri, I kept waiting for the writing freight train to show up with my last manuscript but it took it’s good old time arriving. I felt like Book 3 (Eventide) of Hode’s Hill took forever to write.

    Wishing you lots of inspiration, and prolific moments! And oh, the book festivals sound like fun!

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    1. That makes me feel better, Mae. It feels like I’ve been with these characters for months, but I’ve done them a disservice by not having their story completed. Today I’m strapping myself to a chair, closing the internet, and diving into the second draft.

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  4. Hope you get into the festival. *fingers crossed* Sorry for the slow pace. I know how frustrating that is but can only imagine it for someone like you who writes more quickly. I am a writing snail. Or sloth. Snail-Sloth Writer. That is me. (Also, cool title. I might use that.) Anyway, looking forward to the AVENGERS!!! Woot!

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  5. Hi Teri. I really feel your pain. I’m that way with titles — they’re either so very hard to get, or they pop up immediately.
    Novels go very slowly with me. I use the excuse that (since I’ve been a professional editor in the corporate/government world for decades) I’m editing before my fingers even get to the keyboard. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it!
    Anyhow when I start getting stressed with work or life my writing slows and eventually completely stops.
    Now that I’ve left my job, I hope to polish off some unfinished novels. I’ll have to get whatever kind of part time job I can find, but hopefully that won’t drain too much writing time.
    So, here’s to that train coming to your station soon — and with a luxury car. 😉 Hugs on the wing!

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  6. I can totally relate, Teri. My 2nd book (titled Book 2) in my new series (titled New Series) is going so slow. I have to force myself to write or I’d procrastinate all day. Ugh. And The Punisher… hubby and I binges the whole thing in a weekend. Brutal violence but good! Happy Writing!

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    1. A fellow Punisher fan! Think we’ve got about 3 or 4 episodes to go, but I might have to finish them without hubby – he has some trips coming up and I’m not sure I can wait. Sometimes I think I could be a professional procrastinator, Diana. Too bad there’s no money in it.

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  7. Book 3 sounds like an instant classic!

    I love your idea of book festivals. My town has a folk festival where I read from my children’s work and always get a crowd. I go to science fiction conventions, too. Anything to introduce myself to the public.

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  8. Teri – I just wanted to congratulate you on your two books. I am so impressed.

    It’s nice to see I have things in common with a published author. My second novel is title Book 2. I thought I was the only genius.

    Also: I am in the middle of a slow part where things need to be sorted out. It’s like a plug in a drain. I know once I am passed that it’ll take off like a rocket.

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    1. Sorry I’m just getting back to you, Bryan – found you in spam. Thanks so much!

      Titles are hit or miss for me. My first book title I struggled with, and the second came to me almost immediately. The third one? I don’t have a clue.

      I was kind of in a holding pattern with my current WIP, and tried something new this past weekend – I unplugged. No social media, emails, etc. It was very liberating, and I worked through some problems and made so much progress. Like it allowed what little creativity I have to take over, lol.

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