Book Signing, #BlogTour, and #ADiscoveryofWitches

So how’s your winter going?  We finally got a dusting of snow Saturday night/early Sunday morning, and the temps are below freezing today.  This is the most ‘winter’ we’ve had this season – makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing snow in March and April.

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you know The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Choksi was in my top five reads last year (I had an ARC).  The book was just released last week, and on Friday, I learned the author would be at Parnassus Books in Nashville on Saturday afternoon.  Since that’s only an hour drive for me, you can probably guess where I was that day.  Despite the rainy day, there was standing room only at the bookstore, and Roshani was a delight – such a wonderful sense of humor, and she answered every question before signing books.

Next Monday, three other Black Rose Writing authors and I will begin a blog tour with R&R Book Tours.  I don’t have the schedule yet, but Shannon from R&R created a fantastic banner.  The books are various genres under the YA umbrella – contemporary, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, and coming of age/semi-autobiographical.  Make sure to stop by and register for giveaways and show us some love!

So, I finished You on Netflix, and I’d recommend it if stalker/thrillers are your thing.  This weekend, I started watching A Discovery of Witches, based on the book by Deborah Harkness.  I’m such a fan of that book series, and was skeptical of the casting of one character in particular, but the actor is slowing winning me over.  Watch it on Shudder with a 7-day free subscription – only 8 episodes.

31 thoughts on “Book Signing, #BlogTour, and #ADiscoveryofWitches

  1. Parts of the UK have had snow, but not where I live. We were meant to get snow on the weekend, but didn’t. It’s below freezing here too (or was… It’s a little above it at this exact moment) but no snow. We’ve had rain, hail, sleet, ice, fog, sun, winds of various strengths, but no snow so far.

    Glad you got to go to the author event. Hope the blog tour goes well.

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      1. Hah yes, it’s easier because i use screen readers. i can turn on the automatic reader and just go about house chores. There’s a fourth book just out, but the negative reviews kind of scared me away. i think it’s called Times convert.

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  2. My main impression of that book was that the author tried to pack too much into one volume. The really fun ideas, like their house that would add rooms, got a bit lost in the mob. Maybe it will work better as a series, where ideas and conversations can be spread out more.

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    1. It was a big book Deby – no doubt about that. I just finished the 8 episode series yesterday, and thought they did a great job with sticking to the basic plot line and deleting things that didn’t really contribute to moving the primary story along. They did a fantastic job with the house having a personality of its own.

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