Atonement in Bloom by Teagan Riordain Geneviene #bookreview #urbanfantasy

“Atonement in Bloom” continues the urban fantasy from the point where “Atonement, Tennessee” ended. The quaint town was stranger than Ralda Lawton could have imagined. The local population included supernatural beings of the fae variety. Although only she and a few others knew about that. In a past life, Ralda ― Esmeralda had been involved in something with those supernaturals and it had carried into her present life. In Atonement, Tennessee, that almost got her killed. Now she has new problems, and new supes to complicate matters.Atonement in Bloom continues the misadventures of Ralda, her friends, and neighbors in the small (but far from peaceful) town of Atonement, Tennessee. Her old house and cemetery are still there, along with Lilith the cat, quirky townsfolk, and assorted supernaturals. Now Lilith the calico sniffs out a strange beast. Fae foolery backfires. A friend is abducted. On a cold December day, Atonement, Tennessee comes into bloom.

Boy, did I miss these characters (especially Lilith, my favorite fictional calico cat) and this quirky little town.  When the author offered me an ARC, I jumped at the chance.

If you’re a regular reader of Geneviene, whether it’s her books or blog, her vast imagination comes as no surprise.  If this is your first encounter, you’re in for a creative treat.  With charismatic characters, both human and magical, glowing pigs, and an engaging mystery, this novel will easily persuade you to curl up in your favorite reading spot and spend a few delightful hours in the town of Atonement.

This is the second book in the series and could be read as a stand alone, but for maximum enjoyment, I’d advise reading Atonement, Tennessee first.  I’d highly recommend this series to fans of magical characters, eccentric towns, creative mysteries, and highly intelligent felines.  I’m still hoping Lilith gets her own book.

I received an ARC from the author.

36 thoughts on “Atonement in Bloom by Teagan Riordain Geneviene #bookreview #urbanfantasy

  1. Hi Teri. You’ve made my week — my month. Heartfelt thanks. ❤
    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed "Bloom."
    You slay me every time you talk about Lilith getting her own book. Especially when I think that I very nearly made her a spider or a mouse. 🐱
    Although you've just given me an idea. Maybe she will get her own book… I've struggled with how to tell book-3. I want it to be the back story of Cael and the original Esmeralda. It would be a couple hundred years in the past, but in the present as well.
    Now you've caused me to play "What if?"… What if I tell that story via "The Atonement of Lilith"?
    Teri you are a treasure. Mega hugs!

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    1. I’ve got nothing against spiders or mice, but cats are much easier to cuddle. That would be an interesting take – their story from Lilith’s POV. I read a story like that once – not everything was from the cat’s POV, but a few chapters sprinkled throughout – kind of like Lilith in Atonement. Hugs, Teagan!

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    1. Priscilla, that is music to my ears. I hope you enjoy your visit to my quirky little town.
      Teri is very good about not giving spoilers. And she always gets the details right too. (I admit those things aren’t true of some folks.)
      Cool about the cemetery. As they say, nice quiet neighbors. LOL although that isn’t always true for Sunhold. Hugs!

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  2. I’ve been meaning to get to Atonement, Tennessee for a bit now. I’ll have to move that up on my TBR list. Thanks, Teri! They both sound fantastic. This checks all the boxes for me (especially highly intelligent felines). 🙂 I’ll be watching out for a spin-off with Lilith, if there is one.

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    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for taking time to visit. It’s always great to hear from another cat person.
      I honestly was afraid people wouldn’t like the book, with bits (usually at the end or beginning of a chapter) from the cat’s point of view. Teri proved me wrong. Happily.
      Lilith’s part in Bloom is a little larger, mostly because of Teri. 😀
      Have a wonder-filled, hug-filled Wednesday.

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    1. Robbie, I’m so happy to hear that. Yes, it really is best to read that one first. I tried to make Bloom so that it could be understood without the first book, but to avoid a lot of digressions and belaboring the story, I made several references to book 1. But those references don’t pertain to the mystery in book 2.
      Thanks for taking time to visit here. Great big hug!

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