Thanks For The #BadMoonRising Support!

Although it’s a lot of work, I love hosting Bad Moon Rising every year, but I couldn’t do it alone.  Thanks to everyone who supported and helped promote Bad Moon by commenting, sharing, and participating – hope to see you here next year for the five year anniversary!

P.S. – I’m waaaay behind on your blog posts, but I’m catching up slowly, but surely.

36 thoughts on “Thanks For The #BadMoonRising Support!

  1. A super series, Teri. Thank you for allowing me to participate this year and for all the hard work you did in putting together Bad Moon Rising. I’ve enjoyed reading the interviews, finding new authors to follow, and new books to add to my TBR pile.
    You did a terrific job.

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    1. Glad you discovered some new authors, John! I had a wonderful Halloween – unfortunately, we still have some candy left I need to get out of the house. We were hoping at least one more trick or treater would show up so we could dump the rest in their bag, lol.

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  2. It was an awesome event! I know the work that goes into it must be exhausting, but what a blast for all of your readers and the authors who participate. I especially loved your questions this year. I also found a number of new reads to explore. My thanks to YOU for a fabulous October, providing a fun post to look forward to daily.You rocked it!!

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