Headed To #PennedCon2018!

I’m leaving tomorrow for Penned Con in St. Louis, MO – both of which are new to me.  Another writer friend recommended the conference, so I’m hopeful, and it’s just a bonus that it’s in St. Louis, which is only slightly over a four hour drive for me.  An audiobook has been downloaded (can check one more off my TBR!)  – I’ve discovered listening to one significantly reduces my road rage and makes for a much more pleasant drive in a sea of idiots who seem magnetically drawn to my car.

To the right is some of the swag I packed.  Some of the giveaways other attendees are bringing look pretty awesome, and I’m hoping to get some ideas.  Mine includes the basic bookmarks, Gemini Connection wristbands, and stickers.  Magnet bookcovers, a couple of notepads, and a few tote bags are all freebies from Shutterfly.  I always enjoy walking around and checking out the other tables (some are really elaborate) and meeting new authors.

So if I’m late getting back to comments or visiting blogs, cut me a little slack while I’m hopefully selling tons of books and making new friends.  Have a great weekend!



31 thoughts on “Headed To #PennedCon2018!

    1. It’s where I upload all my pics, they have tons of photo gifts, and send me emails for free stuff constantly. I read where another author used the freebies for swag, and thought it was a great idea – give it a try, Jacquie.

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    1. The one I downloaded had a dual POV – female and male characters. The male narrator is great, but the female’s voice is shrill and stabbing, if that makes sense. I’m about ready to quit on it for that reason alone.

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