The Echo Room by Parker Peevyhouse #bookreview #YA #scifi

Rett wakes on the floor of a cold, dark room. He doesn’t know how he got there, only that he’s locked in. He’s not alone—a girl named Bryn is trapped in the room with him. When she finds a mysterious bloodstain and decides she doesn’t trust Rett, he tries to escape on his own—

Rett wakes on the floor of the same cold, dark room. He doesn’t trust Bryn, but he’ll have to work with her if he ever hopes to escape. They try to break out of the room—

Rett and Bryn hide in a cold, dark room. Safe from what’s outside.

But they’re not alone.

I liked the description of this book, and it has a Maze Runner/Groundhog Day/Memento feel to it.  As the description implies, Rett has ‘do overs’, waking in the same room, Bryn with him, etc., and although the descriptions vary each time he wakes, the repetition gets to be a bit much pretty quickly.  The pace picks up somewhere around the 50% mark.

With their backgrounds, it’s easy to sympathize with Rett and Bryn, and their trust issues are understandable.  Their lives haven’t been easy.  I enjoy anything having to do with time travel – this book adds a nice spin to it, and the world-building is interesting.

While Echo Room held my attention for the most part, it was just an okay read for me.  I never felt like there was a ‘big reveal’ moment, and the ending comes about quietly.  I’m not sure if the author has a sequel in mind, but there’s potential for one.  This isn’t a bad book by any means, just more of a slow burn for sci-fi fans.  The Echo Room is scheduled for publication September 11th, 2018.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

15 thoughts on “The Echo Room by Parker Peevyhouse #bookreview #YA #scifi

  1. I like those Groundhog Day movies/television shows. (Supernatural’s “Mystery Spot” and Stargate SG-1’s “Window of Opportunity” come to mind as favorites.) But I can see where it would get old in a book. Just proof of how medium matters, I suppose.

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  2. I love the cover. I have to admit I’m probably the odd one out who never cared for the Groundhog Day repetition (does that mean I have a short attention span, LOL). I like that you put such thought into your reviews. It sounds like a good many sci-fi fans may find this one fascinating.

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  3. Fab review! Good to hear I wasn’t the only one having problems with this one… I don’t mind repetition when done right, but this story just didn’t hit the mark for me. The premise does have a lot of potential though.

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