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Last week wasn’t huge for the WIP because of a couple of unexpected things that came up, but it wasn’t entirely bad, either.  Saw this mug online somewhere and thought it was pretty cool and kind of accurate.  Also, red wine works.

If you guys know me or read this blog regularly, you know I’m a fan of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.  I’ve always thought the writing was outstanding, compelling, edgy, and occasionally wildly creative – more so on TWD then FTWD.  But last week while watching the latest episode of FTWD, I found myself yelling at the TV over how a life-threatening situation was handled that two characters found themselves in.  Picture this – a howling, severe storm outside, one adult female and one female teenager trapped in a rapidly flooding basement.  They try the door leading outside – chained shut.  The windows – too narrow to break or fit through.  They’re standing on boxes, the water up to their shoulders, and instead of looking for an axe, a saw, bolt cutter – anything that could help them escape – THEY DISCUSS THEIR FEELINGS.  Are you kidding me?!!!  I guarantee you, if Rick and Daryl had been in the same situation, there wouldn’t have been any tender, heartfelt moments shared between them.  At that point, I was drowning – in disappointment, disgust, anger – and would have happily fed them to the zombies myself.

Just a heads up – The Gemini Connection will be on sale for $0.99 September 2nd through September 4th, so if you don’t already have a copy – here’s your chance.  Tell all your friends!

I still have a few slots open for October’s Bad Moon Rising featuring horror/thriller/paranormal authors.  Details here.

Have a great week!


30 thoughts on “#AmWriting, #FearTheWalkingDead, #BookSale, #BadMoonRising

  1. I don’t watch either show. (I know, I’m late to the party. And then some.) But I do hate it when a show (or a book or a movie) does something out of character. It totally wrecks the moment and pulls me out of the story.

    My daughter tells me I’m no fun to watch stuff with anymore because I either point out errors or ruin endings by predicting them five minutes in. (Apparently my commentary ruined her favorite movie for her.) So I said I wouldn’t say a word while watching anything and when we tried that, she said she missed my comments. I can’t win. 😦

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    1. Same thing here – predicted some things in shows or movies hubby and I watch and he keeps asking how I knew. You just look at things differently as a writer, I guess. Conflict needed, foreshadowing, add nothing to the plot, etc.

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  2. I’m afraid TWD will sink this year. They about milked it for all they can, and I get that. With Rick moving on, I don’t know if I’ll stick around. I notice a lot of that unrealistic stuff in shows. When you’re about to drown, you don’t take time for other issues.

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      1. Terry Tyler

        You either love it or you don’t. I still love it, even when it’s bad. It can survive without Rick, though I’m gutted he’s going. It wouldn’t survive without Daryl and Carol, though.


  3. I don’t watch those shows. *cringe* I actually don’t watch any shows. I’m not against TV or anything, just usually watch stuff on Netflix that’s old or rewatch favs (like Buffy…ahem). 🙂

    That mug is awesome and would so be filled with red wine. Which totally does work. Will spread word about The Gemini Connection sale.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah! Honestly, there are few shows out there worth a viewer’s time. I’d rather be reading than watch 99% of what’s out there. I promise I’ll give Buffy another try! Also have to get back to Supernatural.


  4. Terry Tyler

    I adore TWD, always, even when it’s not so good (not keen on the 1st half of S8), but only just started watching FTWD, as I tried it when it first came out and wasn’t so keen. Second time round, I really liked – BUT…. I find that the characters just aren’t as compelling, which is why it is not so good. And now that Madison and Frank are gone, even less so – they were the only two I really liked, apart from Strand. I like John, but that episode you’ve talked about here…. I actually fast forwarded through it. The reasons you say, and also I just can’t bring myself to give two f**ks about Alicia or that little girl who killed Frank. When you compare Charley with Enid and Carl… and Alicia with Michonne or Rosita….nah. Will still watch, though, and gagging for S9 of TWD!

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    1. Agree completely, Terry – except I never really cared about Madison and was glad to see her go. I’m convinced FTWD brought Morgan over for ratings. Their characters just don’t compare with those on TWD. This upcoming season of TWD will be a tough one, but I’m there until the end!


      1. Terry Tyler

        I’ve a feeling we may be pleasantly surprised, actually – I’ve just been watching S1 and 2 again, and wonder if it will be like that – ie, about the people, not the guns. The fact that I am still gutted about Glenn says it all – I was disappointed when Frank died, but…. that’s just an aspect of the show that’s gone now.

        DEFINITELY brought Morgan over for ratings – and they’ve changed the whole atmosphere of FTWD. It’s become darker, and is a completely different show from how it started, with Madison’s family and Strands and co racing around in Mexico. It’s very apparent to me because I watched the whole thing over a couple of weeks. S4 started, and I thought, hang on, this is a completely different programme from the one I started watching!!!

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        1. Isn’t it? Much darker, with a different focus. I’m behind a couple of episodes, so I haven’t formed an opinion yet.

          My youngest hasn’t been as big of a fan after Glenn – didn’t even watch last season, but to be fair, he really didn’t have time at college and plans to catch up on Netflix. He’s read all the graphic novels and is actually a Negan fan in those.


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