Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall #2) by Aden Polydoros #bookreview #YA #thriller #TuesdayBookBlog

The Academy stole everything from Hades, their perfect assassin. Angry and leaving bodies in his wake, he finds two other ex-assassins doing the exact same thing.

Tyler and Shannon once killed for The Academy. Now they’re tracking and hunting down its scientists. So why is The Academy only after Hades?

Shannon will do whatever it takes to protect Tyler, even if it means teaming up with a former rival. While she seeks answers to her past, Tyler wants to learn the truth about the mysterious white room, which no one has ever seen except him.

As for Hades? He simply wants revenge.

They all need answers, even if it means returning to the organization where it all started.

The first book in this series, Project Pandora, was one of my most addictive, electrifying reads last year, and I didn’t think I’d survive the wait for book two.  I made it (barely), and dove right into Project Prometheus – and it’s worth the wait.

Since he’s mentioned in the blurb, I’m not giving anything away when I say Hades is alive.  He continues to be my favorite character in this series, and after learning more of his backstory in the novella, Hades Rising, my heart broke for him.  The Academy made him a lethal, trained assassin with a wavering moral compass at best, and because of that, it’s difficult for him to function in normal society.  He doesn’t trust easily, if at all, and struggles to find his path in this book after suffering a tremendous loss.

The POV rotates primarily between Hades, Shannon, and Tyler, and while there are several harrowing, nail-biting action scenes, this novel also reveals surprising secrets, unexpected confusing and conflicting emotions from some characters, and strategic plans of revenge and exposure.  And exactly what Project Prometheus entails.

If you’re a fan of genetic engineering, conspiracy theories, and anti-heroes, you can’t go wrong with this thrill-ride of a series.  This book is scheduled for release August 28th, 2018.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC.

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