#AmWriting, Moving, #AmWatching

Last week was a good one for the word count – woo hoo!  Butt in the seat, and words on the paper.  I’m somewhere between a planner and a panster (planster?).  I start with a one page outline-ish sort of road map, but occasionally making the transition from point A to point B is a stumbling block until I know the characters a little better.  And another new character introduced himself yesterday, but he showed me the path I need to take.  I’m expecting today to be a good writing day.  On a Monday, even.

We got the youngest son moved back into the dorm this weekend, and I’m not insulted that he was happy to get back to school.  With three weeks of downtime after his last European tour, despite seeing friends nearly every day, he was bored.  He’s happiest when he’s busy and working on his music – which is exactly what started yesterday with marching band.  Before he left, I pulled the Mom card and made him play a couple hours of video games with me.  And the dorm was amazing!  A beautiful lobby on each floor with updated furniture and flat screen TVs, a cooking show-worthy kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances, a theater room that I wanted to live in with several rows of theater seats and surround sound.  And he and his roommate have a private bathroom.  Dorms have come a long way since I was in college.

I’ve seen several blogs lately mentioning BookBub, and my emails from BookBub have tripled.  They have several articles for authors about how to increase your following, and ideas for marketing books.  I’ve had a couple of readers recommend my books on the site, and I plan to start spending more time there.  I’ve also been working with my publisher on running a BookBub ad sent out to targeted readers.  I’ll let you know how it works.  Follow me on BookBub here!

Didn’t see any new movies last week.  Avengers: Infinity War was just as good the second time.  I’m still loving Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.  It was a short season with only ten episodes, and the season finale is this week.  Also need to get caught up on some DVR shows – Preacher, Legion, and Archer.

30 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Moving, #AmWatching

  1. So happy to hear last week was great for your word count! I’m slowing myself a bit, but mostly because I’m getting close to putting this draft aside and it makes me so proud and sad I don’t really know what to do with myself, but I’m excited for my next project!!

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    1. New projects can be exciting, but the drafting stage is my least favorite. I keep telling myself to just get the words on the paper and worry about the rest later. Congrats to nearing the end with yours, Tiana!

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  2. It was a word count weekend for me too. BookBub is on my task list. I’m on there, but haven’t done anything with it. Today I’m working on small projects I can scratch off my list. I already sent back my Bad Moon Rising post, as an example.

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      1. *fingers crossed* I’ve been looking into BookBub because I’ve seen it around the blogosphere, too. Not sure if it’s worth the time/effort as I’ll be using it differently but we’ll see.

        Yes. I do need to. The Avengers is one of my go-to movies so I’m upset I’ve not seen it yet. Must re-watch Antman and Thor (Ragnarok) as I’ve only seen them once. 😉

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  3. Hi Teri. Sorry I missed this post. Wow… I’ve never even imagined a dorm like that! Outstanding.
    Do let us know about the ad/Book Bub plan/idea. I still haven’t investigated them because my time is already beyond maxed out… Still i’d like to know.

    Interesting viewing ideas. Any tips for Netflix (that’s all I have). I’ve run through my current favorites — all at the same time…

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs.

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    1. That dorm was sweet, Teagan – he’s not suffering. This isn’t my usual type of movie, but several people had mentioned it and gave it a wonderful recommendation – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. A cute YA high school drama/comedy – but I gave it bonus points for mentioning Sixteen Candles and Jake Ryan. Give it a try!

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