Lost on the Water: A Ghost Story by D.G. Driver #bookreview #YA #ghoststory #TuesdayBookBlog

One girl’s daring adventure turns into a long frightful night lost on the water.

Against her wishes, Dannie has to leave the California beach behind to spend the summer with her grandma in rural Tennessee. Things look up when a group of local boys invite her on an overnight kayaking trip. When her grandma refuses to let her go, Dannie finds an old rowboat hidden behind the shed and sneaks off to catch up to her new friends. It seems like a simple solution… until everything goes wrong.

Dannie soon discovers this lake is more than just vast. It’s full of danger, family secrets, and ghosts.

First, I’ll say this is a beautiful cover that catches the spirit (no pun intended) of the more eerie moments of this novel.   This is such a pleasurable read, a bit of a coming of age story, in which Dannie discovers family secrets and inner strength and courage she was unaware of.

Driver perfectly captures the obstinate, sulky mood of teens quite well, and I found myself chuckling and nodding at Dannie’s comments and behavior.  Her determination to be herself and not what others envision is admirable.  Assuming she’s perfectly capable of handling a boat on such a vast lake despite her lack of experience is a common mistake in both teens and adults.  I lived on a lake for thirteen years and know very well the dangers involved in being overconfident on the water.  Being familiar with a lake doesn’t guarantee your safety – in the blackness of night, even with a light, it’s extremely easy to get turned around.  The vivid scenes with Dannie in the darkness, sensing she may not be entirely alone, are deliciously creepy and likely to raise the hairs on your neck.

Lost on the Water is a mesmerizing read combining suspense and danger with supernatural overtones, and is perfect for the lower end of the YA spectrum on up.

I received an ARC from the author.


13 thoughts on “Lost on the Water: A Ghost Story by D.G. Driver #bookreview #YA #ghoststory #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. That over is absolutely gorgeous! I spent years boating on a saltwater bay and remember quite a few times of getting turned around in fog or at night.
    Sounds like a compelling read. Best wishes to the author.

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