#AmWriting, #RescueCat, and Mini Movie Reviews

Didn’t hit my word count goal on the WIP last week – but both of my sons were here for the weekend and that takes priority over everything else.  The upside is the new character who announced himself over a week ago is talking a lot, so I’m hoping to double my word count goal for this week.

If you remember about a month ago, my oldest son rescued a kitten he named Sora.  This weekend he brought her for a visit.  She has the sweetest face and disposition, a purr you can hear across the room, and is full of kitten energy.  Despite these admirable characteristics, our five-year-old cat, Bond, was not amused.  On Friday, they were under constant supervision, as Bond glared at us accusingly.  Saturday, he watched her more than anything, but at least he was out of the dominance and intimidation mode.  By Sunday, he followed her around as she scampered from room to room, and then pretty much ignored her, resigned to his fate.  I don’t think Sora slept the whole weekend.  Wish I had that kind of energy.

We watched a couple of movies last week, but I can’t recommend either of them.  Unsane started out promising, but then had so many plot holes, it resembled Swiss cheese.  I Feel Pretty had a wonderful overall message, but contradicted itself throughout the movie.  The good news is that Avengers: Infinity War is available to buy tomorrow!  And that totally makes up for the two that wasted my time last week.

Have a productive week!



23 thoughts on “#AmWriting, #RescueCat, and Mini Movie Reviews

  1. Yes, your sons should come first, even if your word count suffers for it. Hope you get to make up for it this week.

    Glad Bond has resigned himself to his fate and accepted Sora is sticking around. I wish I had that kind of energy too. I think that about our Westie pup, Lilie. She was still bouncing about like a mad thing even when we were dealing with temperatures close to 90 degrees F without air conditioning. I told her I wish I could bottle and sell some of that energy, because I’d make a lot more off it than I do from my books. 😉

    Sorry you were disappointed with the movies. Hope the new Avengers movie makes up for it. I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

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    1. We’d be millionaires many times over if we could bottle that energy, wouldn’t we, Tori? I saw the Avengers movie when it came out a few months ago and it was absolutely fantastic, but I still can’t wait to see it again. Now that I know what happens, I can look for clues that explain it and give hints about what may happen in the next movie.


  2. I think we have to make time for family, I know I do. Sure, my quality writing time is important to me, but so are they. I don’t have anyone shoving deadlines down my throat, and that makes it easier. Cute kitties are a bonus and you should enjoy them too.

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  3. Is your son a Kingdom Hearts fan?? Ha ha! I love the name Sora! I definitely remember the kitten phase with my cat… DEFINTITELY boundless energy! All I wanted was for him to CALM DOWN!! Ha ha! Now, that he has calmed down quite a bit… I kind of miss his craziness! 😉😂
    I completely agree with your overall impression of “I feel Pretty”. It definitely had a great message… Not so great on the execution.

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    1. That’s exactly where the name came from, Nicole! He’s had the third game preordered for nearly 2 years. After he’d had Sora a few days, he asked when they begin to calm down, lol. She was such fun to play with while she was here.

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  4. I also had guests this past week/weekend, and work suffered for it. Not that I minded, but now I’m drowning in emails. I fear that will take all day, and writing will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Glad you had a nice visit!

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