#AmWriting, #BadMoonRising, and #MissionImpossible

Last week was a busy one with the blog tour, but I managed to add about 3K words to the WIP – finally!  Already the story is taking some directions I hadn’t exactly planned, but sometimes you just need to follow the characters and let them tell you their story.  I even got a couple of ideas for a title – with my first book, I didn’t come up with a title until two minutes before sending it to my publisher.

I’ll be posting signups for Bad Moon Rising this week.  In case you’re not familiar with this feature, throughout the month of October, each day I feature a horror/thriller/paranormal author to include a short interview and information about their book.  Spots tend to fill up fast, so reserve yours ASAP!

We saw Mission:  Impossible – Fallout yesterday, and it was definitely worth it.  Breathtaking action scenes, surprising twists (those masks will throw you every time), unbelievable stunts.  Five of us went, and it was a thumbs up from everyone.  The only thing that annoyed me was a part in the trailer wasn’t actually in the movie – but I won’t spoil it by telling you.

Speaking of movies, did anyone see the new Aquaman trailer?  I’m more of a Marvel fan, but you’ll find me in the audience of this flick come December.


21 thoughts on “#AmWriting, #BadMoonRising, and #MissionImpossible

  1. I hate Tom Cruise, so I won’t be watching that, but I LOVE Jason Momoa (in fact, he’s on my TV screen right now in Stargate Atlantis), so I’ll be looking for that one. The Aquaman trailer is exciting! The execution of the “underwater” scenes fascinates me.

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  2. Oooh, looking forward to Bad Moon Rising again.
    I’m not much for MI movies, but the Aquaman trailer looked good.
    And speaking of good—let’s make that GREAT!–I finished reading the Gemini Connection yesterday and left you a 5 star review on Amazon and Goodreads. I know the story wrapped, but I would love to see these characters back again in a new adventure!

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    1. You just made a problematic Monday so much better, Mae – thrilled you enjoyed my boys! And the review is much appreciated – haven’t seen it yet. These guys may come back someday – I’ve really missed them.

      Cusp would be perfect for Bad Moon!

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      1. Problematic Mondays suck. Glad I could help make yours a little better. Thanks for making my Sunday so enjoyable. I would love for the gang to come back someday. They played off each other so well. And I have Cusp in mind for Bad Moon 😉

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  3. robbiecheadle

    Next year I will also be able to participate in Bad Moon Rising, Teri. I am busy with a ghost story now and am about 1/3 of the way in. Mission Impossible is not my scene. I am more of a Peter Rabbit movie kind of gal.

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