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Happy Friday!  Seems like it’s been a long week – for me anyway, but the weekend is looming large.  So take a breather, sit back, and let Dan Alatorre tell you about a book he read recently, then fill you in on his most recent novel, a paranormal thriller, An Angel On Her Shoulder.  Knowing that it’s based on actual events gets me all tingly inside!

A book I read recently that I really enjoyed was Lucy Brazier’s Sinister Dexter, part of her PorterGirl series. Lucy has a terrific, lighthearted storytelling style, and this is the third book in the series but it stands on its own very well. It has murder, mystery, intrigue, and a lot of laughs as Deputy Head Porter (they call each other by title there, not by name) goes about solving another case at prestigious Old College.

I was fortunate enough to speak with the author recently about her work, and also chat with her on Facebook. It’s a great time we live in where a fan can post with a great author!

My latest release is An Angel On Her Shoulder, a paranormal thriller based on actual events. It’s very eerie. A young family notices serious accidents happening to them around the same time every year, close to the birth date of their three year old daughter. They begin to wonder if they are somehow cursed, possessed, or possibly the victims of something much more sinister at work.

Some of my best characters were created in this book, like Father Frank, who gives the main character advice, and a rogue, gun-for-hire type named Tyree, who tries to help the family.  Readers everywhere have found it truly gripping and likened it to certain works by Stephen King.

I’m most proud of this novel because the first draft was 105,000 words, written in about 41 days. I trimmed it, obviously, and strengthened it, but also added some terrific elements to it. Another character, Dahlia, a voodoo priestess, has been requested by fans to get her own series!

These characters all come together in a fast-paced, page turner that has plenty of twists. Reader reviews say they can’t put it down.

Author Bio

International bestselling author Dan Alatorre has published more than 22 titles in over a dozen languages.

You’ll find action-adventure in the sci-fi thriller The Navigators, a gripping paranormal roller coaster ride in An Angel On Her Shoulder, heartwarming and humorous anecdotes about parenting in the popular Savvy Stories series, an atypical romance story in Poggibonsi, and terrific comedy in Night Of The Colonoscopy: A Horror Story (Sort Of). Dan’s knack for surprising audiences and making you laugh or cry – or hang onto the edge of your seat – has been enjoyed by audiences around the world.

And you are guaranteed to get a page turner every time.

“That’s my style,” Dan says. “Grab you on page one and then send you on a roller coaster ride, regardless of the story or genre.”

Readers agree, making his string of #1 bestsellers popular across the globe.

His unique writing style can make you chuckle or shed tears—sometimes on the same page (or steam up the room if it’s one of his romances). Regardless of genre, his novels always contain unexpected twists and turns, and his endearing nonfiction stories will stay in your heart forever.

He has also written illustrated children’s book and cookbooks, as well as stories for young readers. 25 eBook Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew, co-authored by Dan, has been a valuable tool for upcoming writers of any age (it’s free but only available to subscribers of his newsletter) and his dedication to helping authors of any skill level is evident in his wildly popular blog “Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR” at

Dan’s success is widespread and varied. In addition to being a bestselling author, he has achieved President’s Circle with two different Fortune 500 companies. Dan also mentors grade school children in his Young Authors Club and adults in his Private Critique Group, helping struggling authors find their voice and get published.

Dan resides in the Tampa, Florida area with his wife and daughter.

Social Media

Twitter @SavvyStories

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