#RescueCat, #BlogTour, and #Equalizer2

Welcome the newest member of our family!  Meet Sora, my oldest son’s new rescue cat – isn’t she just a sweetie?  She’s a little over 3 months old, full of kitten energy, and enjoys sneaking up on and tackling unsuspecting stuffed mice.  I can’t wait to meet her in person, but I wonder how our own cat, Bond, will react when Sora visits for the occasional weekend.  I’ll keep you updated.

I begin a blog tour this week, and appear on three sites today.  I’m not sure what time the posts will be up, but will update the links as they come available.


This past weekend, I finally spent time with the WIP and got some words on the paper.  These characters have been patient long enough, and the plan is to have a somewhat polished draft by the writer’s retreat I’m attending in October.  I’m setting goals for myself, so you guys hold me accountable.

We saw The Equalizer 2 this past weekend.  Nothing really deep or thought-provoking, of course, but some awesome action scenes, and I’m always a Denzel Washington fan.  I’m really looking forward to Mission: Impossible – Fallout this coming weekend – Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 94%.

Happy Reading and Writing!

24 thoughts on “#RescueCat, #BlogTour, and #Equalizer2

    1. He got the name from Kingdom Hearts video game. I’d say I liked Equalizer 2 as well as the first movie – find out a little more about Denzel’s character. Have a great week, Mischenko!


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