#TheAmericans, #ArrestedDevelopment, and a #BookTeaser

What happened to last week?  It was a short week, I completed nearly everything on my to-do list, released the print edition of The Gemini Connection – and yet I don’t feel like I made any headway with anything.  This week will be busy with the ebook of TGC releasing on Thursday, and I’ll be popping up on a few websites that day, so I apologize in advance for multiple blog posts that day.

One of my favorites shows wrapped last week – The Americans.  I feel like it never got the attention it deserved – the lead actors were recognized with award nominations in just the past couple of years – and it was an intense, suspenseful show.  I didn’t know what to expect in the series finale – would one of them die?  Both?  But the ending was perfect, and something that hadn’t crossed my mind.  I think all the seasons are on Prime – if you’ve never watched it, give it a shot.  It’s better than almost anything out there.

Another of my favorite shows just dropped a new season on Netflix – Arrested Development.  The earlier seasons are still the best, in my opinion, but the new ones are definitely worth watching.  Ron Howard is a superb narrator.  Bring on the stair car, banana stand, chicken dance, and Franklin!

Hubby and I toured Mammoth Cave yesterday.  We live less than an hour from it and were just looking for something different to do, plus we hadn’t been there in years.  With outside temps at 90+ degrees, the cave felt amazing at only 54 degrees.  As someone who’s a tad claustrophobic, some spaces were tight (I had to bend over to walk in some areas, and I’m only 5′ 4″), but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.  The guide turned out the light at one point so we could experience total darkness.  It was really freaky, and I was surprised none of the kids in the group cried.

I’ll leave you with a teaser from The Gemini Connection.  Hope you can make it for the virtual launch party Thursday, 5pm – 7pm CST on Facebook !

28 thoughts on “#TheAmericans, #ArrestedDevelopment, and a #BookTeaser

    1. Thanks, Mae! I was skeptical about the cave the first time we went, but I did fine. For the most part, this one had wider passages. I’d never be able to do one of those where you have to crawl through openings. Even thinking about it makes me short of breath.

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  1. Ooh! A cave tour. That sound amazing! Love the teaser here. Well done. Hope things are going well with the release. I am so looking forward to reading this one, Teri.

    P.S. Completely agree: Arrested Development’s earlier seasons are the best. I couldn’t get into the later ones but the early ones are laugh-out-loud ridiculous.

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  2. Thanks for the tip on The Americans, Teri. My husband and I don’t watch much television, but mostly because we can’t find anything we like. So these recommendations come in handy. And great snippet. I love the suspense!

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  3. I haven’t seen The Americans yet, either, and it was recently recommended, so I think my guy and I will give it a try. We just finished the Netflix series of Longmire, which was fantastic (set in Montana). Best of luck with your print release of The Gemini Connection!

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    1. Thanks, Staci! The ranger warned us about bats, but 90% of their bat population has died out due to White Nose Syndrome. If there were any other creepy things close by, it was too dark to see them.

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      1. That’s sad about the bats. I don’t even like scary things to die. (Besides, bats eat other scary things!)

        I’d be afraid they’d turn out the lights and something would fly into my face. Then I’d pass out, fall down a crevasse. I’d break multiple bones and be paralyzed — not even able to call for help. Predators would slither out of their hidey-holes to feast on me while I was still alive but unable to defend myself… the terror never ends.

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