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‘Two decades of social media had prepared them well for UK2.’ 

The pace steps up in this final instalment of the Project Renova trilogy, as the survivors’ way of life comes under threat. 

Two years after the viral outbreak, representatives from UK Central arrive at Lindisfarne to tell the islanders about the shiny new city being created down south. Uk2 governor Verlander’s plan is simple: all independent communities are to be dissolved, their inhabitants to reside in approved colonies. Alas, those who relocate soon suspect that the promises of a bright tomorrow are nothing but smoke and mirrors, as great opportunities turn into broken dreams, and dangerous journeys provide the only hope of freedom.

Meanwhile, far away in the southern hemisphere, a new terror is gathering momentum…

‘I walked through that grey afternoon, past fields that nobody had tended for nearly three years, past broken down, rusty old vehicles, buildings with smashed windows. I was walking alone at the end of the world, but I was a happy man. I was free, at last.’

Although this concludes the Project Renova trilogy, there will be more books in the series. A collection of five side stories is planned, and another novel, set far into future.

I’ve loved these characters, hated them, been infuriated with some of their choices, and even mourned a few of them.  Just when they thought they’d created a relatively safe, new kind of normal life on Lindisfarne, more obstacles are thrown in their paths.  Opportunities are presented and choices are made – both good and regrettable.  In their desperation to return to some semblance of their old lives, some characters forget that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

In this series, Lottie’s and Flora’s character arcs are my favorite.  Lottie is nearly unrecognizable from the first book to the third, but she learns what’s needed to survive in this new world while still retaining her humanity.  I never thought I’d like Flora’s character, but she makes immense strides in UK2, and I hope to see what happens to her in future novellas.  I was thrilled to see that karma delivered packages to a few who deserved them.

I have to stress this isn’t a series to be read out of order.  I’ve been a fan of this series since the first book – and if you’re a post-apocalyptic/dystopian fan, you will be, too.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author.


14 thoughts on “UK2 by Terry Tyler #bookreview #postapocalyptic #dystopian #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Terry Tyler

    What a lovely surprise, Teri, thank you so much! I have written 80% of the ‘in the future novel’, about the descendents of the main characters ~ including what happens to the child of Dex, and an ‘a few years later’ chapter from the POV of Lottie. It starts 100 years on, and gradually goes back to link the generations up.

    ‘The designer’ – love it, it’s just a mate of mine who does them, from photos that I or my friend took during my research visits to Lindisfarne ~ I will tell him, thank you!!!

    I was just about to log off from Twitter when I saw this – thank you again! xx

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    1. Oooo – I’m liking this ‘in the future novel’. Would love to see what happens to them. And you’re welcome, Terry – enjoyed loving and hating these characters!


  2. Fab review, Teri. I haven’t read these yet but loved exploring the characters from this series in Terry’s novella, Patient Zero. When you have time, you should read that one if you haven’t.

    Hope you’re doing well. Cheers! 🍷

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        1. I actually finished this one about a month back. But yes – the print version of The Gemini Connection comes out tomorrow and the ebook June 7th – I’ll be promoting heavily over the next week!

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  3. Terry Tyler

    Thanks again to Teri and all her readers who have taken the time to read this, and comment! Mae, Sarah, Teagan and Staci, I appreciate 🙂


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