#BookRelease, #TheCrossing, and Vacation Pics (not mine)

I can almost see the light of day from underneath the pile of everything I’m behind on – but it’s still just a faint glimmer.  With The Gemini Connection being released in a couple of weeks, I need to get that Facebook release party organized, put together some giveaways, and come up with teaser posts.  If anyone figures out to add more hours to the day, I’ll gladly pay you for that information.

So, a few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d started watching The Crossing on ABC – and I just found out it’s been canceled.  That seems to happen with a lot of the shows I watch, which is probably why there aren’t many network shows on my list.  Quite possibly, I’m a curse to any shows I deem watchable (except The Walking Dead!).  I was about four episodes in, so there’s no use in finishing the others.  But I also found out Fox is developing a series based on the postapocalyptic vampire novel The Passage by Justin Cronin for next fall – keep your fingers crossed on that one.

With one son on a cruise to Spain, Italy, and France, and the other in British Columbia, I’ve been receiving some gorgeous pics from them I had to share.  The top three are from Barcelona.  The youngest son had a couple of days there before boarding the ship.  He’s a total foodie and is raving about how amazing the food is.  He’s also thrilled to be old enough to get into the casino on board – Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.  The kid’s actually a pretty good card player.

The bottom two pics are from British Columbia.  The oldest son and his girlfriend went whitewater rafting with class IV rapids – the last pic is one of them.  I’d have loved to be on the raft!

Have a great week!



7 thoughts on “#BookRelease, #TheCrossing, and Vacation Pics (not mine)

  1. The pics are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    I think I’m the kiss of death for series, too. I am invested in The Crossing, and I’ll watch through the end. I hope they actually wrap up the open plot threads. I also LOVED Lucifer, and that got the ax—after a huge cliffhanger. I don’t understand how shows that look stupid (I can’t say they are stupid because I don’t watch them) get renewed over and over but good television gets canceled. Pretty soon, I won’t be watching anything at all!

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    1. I read about Lucifer also – never watched it, but the previews were tempting. You’re right about shows looking stupid. I’ll never understand how some of them make it on TV, while others are cancelled. The majority of what I watch is on Netflix and Prime now.

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  2. Fabulous photos, Teri. Your sons are clearly having an amazing time!

    I was going to try to catch up with The Crossing, now I won’t bother 😦 I was a fan of the author’s last book and series, The Return, and that one got cancelled too.

    The Terror is now a series as well (I think you were a fan of the book) but I’ve only caught the first three episodes. Hopefully that one won’t get cancelled before I catch up!

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  3. They’re have a fabulous time, Mae.

    I’ve recorded The Terror, but haven’t started watching it. I did see a commercial about the last episode, so apparently they’re finishing it – hopefully. Maybe me not watching it yet has kept it from being cancelled!

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