Sleep With The Light On. Sarah by Teri Polen #bookreview #youngadult #horror #BlackRoseWriting

I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl Hagan-Booth at the SOKY Book Fair last month when she stopped by my table and purchased Sarah. Yesterday, she posted a fabulous and entertaining review on her blog. Love, love, love the picture of the doll and book together!

sarah    Pull the cover over your body, don’t hang any body parts over the edge of the bed and keep your eyes shut tight. If you do that, everything will be okay. I like the way the main character, Cain, in Sarah thinks because I still hold these rules to be unbreakable even in my adult years. Honestly, who knows who or what hides in our houses during the day and night? Do we truly know the histories and stories that have gone down in our personal places of residence? Cain Shannon was finding out and not in the way he wanted to.

    After his mom, sister and he moved into their new home, strange things start to occur in Cain’s upstairs bedroom. The attic access door, located in his room, kept coming open by happenstance. No wonder his realtor mom was able to get such a…

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25 thoughts on “Sleep With The Light On. Sarah by Teri Polen #bookreview #youngadult #horror #BlackRoseWriting

    1. So do I. My MIL had a doll collection in one of her guest rooms, and the boys refused to sleep in there – said the dolls were staring at them and it was freaky. Thought of that when I saw this pic!

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      1. My mother bought my daughter a collection of crazy expensive porcelain dolls. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthday… She had thousands of dollars worth, plus the boxes and certificates. I displayed them in her room (wasn’t concerned about opening the boxes; I wanted her to enjoy them).

        She broke them all. Said she couldn’t sleep with them any longer. They creeped her out.

        Truth be told, I can’t really blame her. I would rather have sold them or given them away, but I wouldn’t have wanted them, either. Dolls are creepy.

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  1. Alice was excited to be able to hold on to Teri’s book. Glad you all love her. She is one of my top favorites in my collection. She just seem like the right gal to be holding this book of Sarah. Ha!

    It was so cool meeting you at the book fair it was so cold meeting you at the book fair, Teri!

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    1. Definitely the right gal to hold the book, Sheryl – looks like a thumbs up all around. Wonderful meeting you also, and look forward to the video interview at the book signing.


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