#AmWriting, Mom Duties, and #Preorder

Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine!  My son graduated college (and has a JOB!), he’s able to spend some time at home before starting his new job, and, living in KY, we had a wonderful time with friends at a Derby party on Saturday.  I never bet on horses because I have such horrible luck, but if I’d looked at the horses running, I totally would have won based on the name alone, because I was such a fan of the show Justified (the winning horse was Justify – close enough).

As far as writing, I met my goals this week.  The word count dropped off a little towards the end of the week, but that was because of marketing the new book and my son coming home sooner than expected.  Going to try to keep the momentum going for this week.

My mom duty list has been longer than usual.  The graduating son needed appropriate clothes for his ‘real world’ job, so we had a Pretty Woman shopping day.  And I hate to shop.  But for the kids, I don’t mind it as much.  The other son is taking a cruise to Europe in the next couple of weeks, and we have a checklist of items to take care of.  Have I been to Europe?  No.  How many times is the aforementioned son going this summer?  That would be twice.  But I’m not complaining.  No, seriously.  Both trips are through music programs, and are fantastic opportunities for him.  He’ll be visiting a total of seven countries and performing at beautiful venues.

Now for some shameless self-promotion.  The Gemini Connection release date is approaching:  May 31st for the paperback, and June 7th for the ebook.  If you’re so inclined, you may preorder from the links below.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting some snippets and playlists I used while writing.  Stay tuned!

Barnes and Noble
Black Rose Writing (10% discount)

19 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Mom Duties, and #Preorder

    1. He’s a percussionist – mainly mallets (marimba and vibrophone), but also plays various types of drums and has taken piano lessons. Sounds like your sons and mine would have a lot to talk about! It was my kind of shopping trip, Robbie – go to the men’s section, pick out, try on, pay, and get out in an hour or less.

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  1. I am so pleased your children are doing well, Teri. I know this makes a parent’s heart sing. I am enjoying Sarah so much. You have done such a marvelous job of writing the story. What the hell is YA anyway? I’m an old coot and love the book. I can imagine young folks going crazy for it. No, I’m not finished yet and when I am a review will be written post haste. (I just had to tell you I’m loving it.)

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    1. You’re right – when the kids are doing well, so are the parents. I’m thrilled for both of them. So glad you’re enjoying Sarah! And there are no age limits on YA – I’m in a book club called Pardon My Youth, for adults who love to read YA. The age group ranges from mid 20s to mid 70s. Love having such a diverse group for discussions!

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