Yard Work, #AmWriting, Launch Party, and #AvengersInfinityWar

Happy Monday!  We finally had a beautiful weekend in western KY, and between two days, I spent a total of 7 hours spraying weeds, planting flowers, and cleaning the screened porch and patio area.  With that amount of time, you’re probably thinking I don’t clean the porch and patio that often.  You’d be correct.  And it’s a miracle the pollen didn’t do me in.

Remember last week when I mentioned the hard-core writing in my future?  Yeah – that didn’t happen.  I got under 1K works written, and that was mostly due to real life stuff interfering.  This week should be much calmer, leaving more time to write.  Supposedly.  The best-laid plans and all.

I’m thinking about doing a Facebook launch party for The Gemini Connection on June 7th when the ebook releases.  I’ve never done one of these, so if any of you have words of wisdom or ideas, please feel free to share.  Any help is appreciated!  If you’d like to participate, I’m also looking for volunteers.

Spending this afternoon with the Avengers!  I’ve stayed away from social media and potential spoilers since last week.  My son saw it Thursday night and texted me his verdict – “Crazy awesome.”  I’m excited, but also dreading it, because I know there will be deaths – and depending on who that involves, it may have the potential to induce some ugly crying on my part.

19 thoughts on “Yard Work, #AmWriting, Launch Party, and #AvengersInfinityWar

  1. Kudos on the outdoor work, Teri. I didn’t get your pollen resistant miracle. It did me in — and I didn’t even go out side for more than a few minutes. Okay.. to be honest it was really chemical fumes from the townhouse on the other side of my wall… but the pollen deserves some credit too.
    I’ve never done facebook parties — i just don’t have time. But they seem to work for most people.
    Good luck with the movie! I hate anything that makes me cry. It takes more talent to keep a character alive and still interesting than it does to kill one off — that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it. 😉
    Have a brilliant new week. Hugs.

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    1. Hubby was downing the allergy pills – I only sneezed a couple of times. Don’t know how you handle the chemical fumes – that’s just overly offensive. Simultaneously excited about the movie, yet dreading the outcome. Hugs, Teagan!

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  2. I’ll be doing yard work the end of this week and over the weekend, when warmer temperatures are finally expected to arrive. Hopefully, I won’t turn into a walking allergen.

    I’ve never hosted a Facebook party, but I know many authors do them routinely. I’m not much of a FB user which is why I’ve steered away from them. I hope yours goes well!

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  3. This is the time of year when yardwork demands attention, Teri. Good for you for getting a big chunk of it done. I’ve never done a FB launch (or any kind of organized launch) so can’t help you, but I wish you great luck with it! And thanks for the thumbs up on the movie too. I’m sure the hubby is going to make me watch it, so I’m glad it’s a good one. 🙂

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    1. I haven’t tried parsley before, but my son planted lemon thyme one year, and it still comes up. Smells pretty good!

      I suggest you brace yourself before seeing the Avengers, Deby.


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