The Writer’s Reading Corner: Teagan Riordain Geneviene #IndieAuthor #fantasy

Spring has finally arrived in western KY!  Yesterday was gorgeous and today looks to be the same.  I have a treat for you today – my guest is the infamous Teagan Riordain Geneviene.  Whether you’ve read her books or are a regular visitor to her blog, you’re familiar with the sparkling creativity that dwells within her mind (and if you’re not, here’s your chance), and today she’s giving us a glimpse at what has inspired her.  Welcome, Teagan!

Hi Teri. Thanks for letting me visit your Writer’s Reading Corner. Hello everyone. I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene and I write whimsical stories. Whether it’s a cliffhanging blog serial, an urban fantasy, or a 1920s story, everything I write has a touch of whimsy.

I’m going to discuss an old favorite of mine – The Belgariad, a series by David Eddings. It’s a true epic, high fantasy. That was the style of writing that enthralled me for a long time — Tolkienesque prose, quests, and settings. Actually it still does.

When I came upon Eddings’ work I noticed his subtle sense of humor. It was a revelation for me. High fantasy with humor? Yes!

The Belgariad also brought another revelation. Years later, I mentioned it to a coworker. He vehemently stated that he hated the book. “The characters were all such awful people!” he said.

I drew back a bit, surprised by his strong reaction. I had never seen that in his personality! Then I smiled and said that was what I loved about it, and how funny it made the characters to me. He was as surprised by my reaction as I was to his. “I guess I should read it again with that in mind.”

With a shrug I voiced the revelation he had just given me. “Books affect different people in different ways. We don’t all like the same thing. As a writer it encourages me to see that. Because if one person doesn’t like my work, the next person still might,” I told him. Poor guy, he looked utterly befuddled by the whole conversation.

Coming Up

atonement_in_bloom_1_03-24-2014My upcoming novel is Atonement in Bloom. That’s the sequel to Atonement, Tennesee*. Book-2 continues the misadventures of Ralda Lawton and her friends in the quaint (but far from peaceful) town of Atonement, TN. Her old house and cemetery are still there, along with Lilith the cat, quirky townsfolk, and assorted supernaturals.

I hope you’ll visit me at my blog, Teagan’s Books. Thanks for chatting with me today.



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50 thoughts on “The Writer’s Reading Corner: Teagan Riordain Geneviene #IndieAuthor #fantasy

  1. Oooh, I loved The Belgariad series when I read it. Granted it was a very long time ago (shortly out of high school) and I don’t remember much about it, other than I was engrossed.

    Thanks for the memories, Teagan. Atonement, Tennessee is on my TBR and when you’re read to release Atonement in Bloom, I would be happy to host you on my blog!

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  2. Good morning, Teri! Happy Friday the 13th! I’m delighted to be here on this special day. Long ago I decided that “Friday the 13th” was a lucky day. It has such a fascinating history, and really gets a bad rap.

    Many thanks for hosting me. Huge hugs!

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  3. Wonderful to visit here in the writers corner.. And lovely to see what books influenced your own unique writing skills Teagan. My Son loved David Eddings books and he still loves fantasy books today..
    Lovely to pop over here and Thank you Teir for hosting. Wishing you both well.. and a great imaginative weekend 😀 Sue

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  4. Lovely to see Teagan over here talking books. I hadn’t heard of the Belgariad series, and I totally agree with your point that reader tastes are all over the place. It’s fascinating and a good thing for writers… there’s always an audience for a well-written book. Speaking of books… I’m looking forward to Atonement in Bloom! Thanks Teagan and Teri. 🙂

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  5. A most interesting observation of David Eddings’ work. I don’t recall ever hearing an author state that they hated their characters, but what insight. Love this, Teagen and Teri. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. How nice to see Teagan here! We are all so unique and it makes sense then that we wouldn’t all like the same books. Even with those best-selling authors like Stephen King, not everyone is a fan. It just doesn’t work like that. As with most things, it’s not all black and white. Great guest post, Teagan. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time now. *Waving at Teri*

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