Atonement (Immortal Soulless #3) by Tanith Frost #BookReview #paranormal @TanithFrost

Among the dregs of vampire society, there’s no safety in numbers.

It’s been a year since the vampires of Maelstrom threw Aviva to the wolves. When her next assignment arrives, it’s clear that her elders haven’t forgiven her past sins. She’s to take a position watching over the clan’s weakest members: the old vampires who can’t be trusted to keep the supernatural world’s secrets. Locked away in a crumbling home by the ocean, they exist in isolation, nearly forgotten by the world. It’s a boring job, an assignment more insulting than her placement with the werewolves, and a terrifying warning of where she could end up if she doesn’t change her ways.

Aviva is determined to keep her head down, prove herself, and atone for her mistakes. But when a group of vampire hunters calling themselves the Blood Defenders attacks the home, Aviva has no choice but to step into her role as guardian and hit the road with a group of misfit vampires who are as much a danger to the world as they are to themselves.

When the Blood Defenders shatter the heart of Maelstrom’s power and leave them with nowhere to run, Aviva and her band of monsters have no choice but to stand and fight to save a world that despises them. –

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that this series brings fresh fodder to vampire tales, and Atonement is most definitely no different in that respect.

New facets of both Aviva and reserved Daniel are revealed – especially Daniel, but some hard choices have to be made in their complicated and uncertain world.  Unrest and hidden agendas are present in the upper echelons of Maelstrom, and I’m anxious to see what develops in the next book.

The newest characters of ‘old’ vampires are a delightful addition, proving you should never underestimate or make assumptions about the older generation, and I hope to see more of them.

I appreciated that this story didn’t end on a major cliffhanger, but left enough questions and unresolved situations to carry over into the next book.  Highly recommend this series to paranormal fans.

I received a copy of this book from the author.


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