Red Hill (Red Hill #1) by Jamie McGuire #bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog #postapocalyptic #zombies

When the world ends, can love survive?

For Scarlet, raising her two daughters alone makes fighting for tomorrow an everyday battle. Nathan has a wife, but can’t remember what it’s like to be in love; only his young daughter Zoe makes coming home worthwhile. Miranda’s biggest concern is whether her new VW Bug is big enough to carry her sister and their boyfriends on a weekend escape from college finals.

When reports of a widespread, deadly “outbreak” begin to surface, these ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances and suddenly their fates are intertwined. Recognizing they can’t outrun the danger, Scarlet, Nathan, and Miranda desperately seek shelter at the same secluded ranch, Red Hill. Emotions run high while old and new relationships are tested in the face of a terrifying enemy—an enemy who no longer remembers what it’s like to be human.

Set against the backdrop of a brilliantly realized apocalyptic world, love somehow finds a way to survive. But what happens when the one you’d die for becomes the one who could destroy you? –

I’m a zombie apocalypse fan – no doubt about it.  The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later – count me as a loyal viewer and movie fan.  I’ve had Red Hill in my TBR for quite some time, and I finally got to it when it fit my book club monthly selection.

Did this book bring anything new to the zombie genre?  No.  But some of the characters kept me reading – namely, Skeeter.  If Daryl Dixon is unavailable, Skeeter McGee is your guy.  He’s big-hearted, full of common sense, owns a plethora of guns, and knows how to use them.

The rotating narrative between Scarlet, Miranda, and Nathan gives different perspectives from characters with varying situations and what they go through to survive.  Many of the characters are well-rounded, and I especially enjoyed the realistic portrayal of a father willing to sacrifice anything to ensure the survival of his daughter (Nathan and Zoe); however, some of them disappointed me with their unrealistic choices and their willingness to readily endanger the lives of others.  There’s also a lot of insta-love going on.  And for a weekend house, it sure seems well-stocked, as there’s no mention of supply runs.

Overall, I enjoyed this book because I’m a fan of the genre.  You may have to suspend your disbelief (and I don’t mean about the zombies) over choices, actions, and romances, but Red Hill is a solid read.

17 thoughts on “Red Hill (Red Hill #1) by Jamie McGuire #bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog #postapocalyptic #zombies

  1. I’ve had a paperback copy of this book for a while but still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I love “plague” type books and films, and was hoping it would stick more to that than going the zombie route. It’s still on my TBR, but not as highly placed as some of my other reads.

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    1. I felt like this book didn’t focus enough on the plague and zombie aspects. When I looked at the other books by this author, they were more romance/contemporary, and that came across in this book. A lot of time spent on relationships.

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