Thanks To My Cover Reveal Hosts! #IndieAuthors

If you’re an indie author or traditionally published author, you know an enormous amount of your time is spent on marketing and promotion – keeping up with social media, blogging, scheduling/attending book festivals and signings, designing SWAG, begging asking for reviews.  In fact, it’s a miracle books ever get written when you think about it.  Some sort of support system is incredibly important, whether it’s in the form of critique partners, beta readers, editors – or friends that help you spread the word about your new release.  They say it takes a village to raise a child – I think the same can be said about promoting a book, and I’m thankful these folks are in my village.  Drop by their blogs and show them some love – and discover some new books to read while you’re there!

Staci Troilo

John Howell 

Mae Clair

C.S. Boyack

Georgia Rose

Matt Doyle

Victoria Zigler

Teagan Geneviene

Cathy Ryan

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