The Writer’s Reading Corner: Mary Elizabeth Jackson #childrensbooks #spirituality #amreading

Who among us couldn’t use some inspirational and motivational quotes to start off the day?  Help us deal with stress or soothe the soul?  Mary Elizabeth Jackson shares with us a book that does all that and more for her.  Welcome, Mary Elizabeth!

I love this book. It’s a 361-page book with 365 days of healing metaphors, quotes, inspirations, and motivations.  Angela uses nature throughout her book to help teach us about ourselves and our lives. Encouraging us to look inside ourselves to do some house cleaning and grow. Her warm words are gentle and healing. She uses her life journey of healing and self-discovery to teach us how to find that internal peace we are looking for.

She is a survivor of Bulimia and Anorexia. These experiences as well as all the knowledge she gained from reading, classes and practices she has learned that led her to healing is where her beautiful words come from. She helps you to believe and know you can do the same. There are comforting and/or self-help words for everyday of the year. The reader will never have to worry about seeking comfort.

This is a wonderful book for anyone on a healing, searching to find themselves journey or place in their life. It is very soothing to the soul.  Because the book has something for each day of the year, it is perfect to keep and have for years to come. The words will continue to give knowledge and inspire. Finding the Gift is a great book whether you are on a self-healing path or not. I recommend this book for anyone who is searching and needs words of comfort and for growth. I have met the author and know how authentic she is which makes her writing even that more valuable.

Mary Elizabeth’s Bio

Mary Elizabeth Jackson is a wife and mother of three inspirations. Her very late in life surprise child inspired her award-winning children’s book series. Perfectly Precious Poohlicious and Poohlicious Look at Me. It is written from the viewpoint of the child and is perfect for newborn’s thru age four. The first book has ten beautiful original songs with it. Available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N online, and wherever books are sold. She is working on the next book in the series as well as a middle grade reader series with award winning songwriter and author Thornton Cline. These books are intended to help kids inspire and motivate each other as well as realize their own empowerment. The first in that series is being written into film format.

Jackson is an advocate for special needs and disabilities and continues to work with legislators to improve the classroom for children and the relationship between families and schools across the state of Tennessee. She believes that continued positive progress between parent, child, and the school is vitally important to the success of all involved. She is also an advocate for literacy and beginning children as young as possible on the journey of love for reading.

She continues to write and work on advocacy projects and Jackson and Cline have begun teaching the writing to getting published process to adult and kids. She and Cline do a lot of book signings, appearances, and events throughout the year. Jackson is a live streamer and blogger and can be reached for teaching, advocacy, and signings at:, fb:perfectly precious poohlicious and

twitter: @Mary_E_Jackson,   ig: maryejackson444,

In the second book of the award- winning series, Poohlicious , journeys  through the wonders and adventures of Toddlerhood. As you read this delightful story of curiosity seen through the eyes of Poohlicious you will experience a world full of “can dos” and “not sure of’s.” Always on the move, Look at Me, discovers all that a toddler is capable of doing and trying, and that Mommy believes he is perfectly made no matter what may come. Recommended for ages zero through four. No matter where you are or where you live, every child is Poohlicious.


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