The Glade by Harmony Kent #bookreview #horror #thriller

This gripping, edge-of-your-seat mystery/thriller will have you thinking twice about booking that idyllic cottage in the country. Nothing in this woodland paradise within the Forest of Dean is what it seems.

The Wenstrops have it all: health, wealth, and happiness. Until everything falls apart. Helen gets arrested for murder, and yet is either unable or unwilling to give a defence. During her detention, vital evidence goes missing and tensions run high. Meanwhile, in the woods, malignant forces gather power.

This sensational second novel by acclaimed author Harmony Kent will have you alternately laughing, crying, and gripping the edge of your seat as this roller-coaster ride of a plot unfolds. It will keep you guessing through its many twists and turns, and hijack your attention right up until you turn the final page. This book has it all: murder, intrigue, the supernatural, a broken marriage, a love affair, courage against impossible odds, suspense, and high drama. –

If I knew nothing about this book and only saw the cover, I’d want to read it based on that alone.  Being a King fan, when I read this book had ‘faint echoes of Pet Sematary’, I was a goner.

In most horror movies and books, when the supernatural occurrences begin in a house, you wonder why the owners don’t just vacate the premises.  Find a new house with no previous owners.  Preferably not one on an Indian burial ground.  But Helen doesn’t have that option – if she leaves, her terminal cancer returns.   So then what happens?  She deals with it – sometimes in very vivid and graphic ways that made this horror fan smile and nod in pleasure.

The Glade is an exciting blend of horror, thriller, and mystery, tossing in unexpected twists along the way to keep the reader guessing.  The alternating timeline narrative adds to the suspense, and the setting descriptions are eerie and mystical.  If supernatural suspense is your thing, this is your book.


32 thoughts on “The Glade by Harmony Kent #bookreview #horror #thriller

  1. harmonykent

    Thanks so much for posting this wonderful review of my book, Teri! You’ve just perked me right up when I’m full of cold yet again, lols. All the very best, Harmony 🙂

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    1. harmonykent

      Mischenko, I’m delighted that you love the cover! It was only the second one I designed and leaps and bounds better than that for my first book! 😊


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