Hinting at Shadows by Sarah Brentyn #bookreview #anthologies #microfiction #TuesdayBookBlog

No One Escapes Life Unscathed 

Delve into the deeper reaches of the human condition and the darkness that lives there.

A girl haunted by her sister’s drowning. A boy desperate for his father’s affection. A woman forced to make a devastating decision. A man trapped by his obsessions.

Experience tales of love, loss, murder, and madness through this collection of flash and micro fiction.

Take a peek behind the smile of a stranger. Get a glimpse inside the heart of a friend. Scratch the surface and discover what is hidden beneath.

These stories will open your mind, tug at your thoughts, and allow you to explore the possibility that, even in the brightest moments, something is Hinting at Shadows.

Each selection is approximately 100 words, with a bonus section of Microbursts in which each story is told in 50 words or less. – Goodreads.com

I’m dumbfounded at how much this author conveys and the emotions she evokes with so few words – it’s such a gift.  She takes the reader through dark valleys that twist and turn, journeys through more light-hearted moments, and even touches on humor occasionally.  I laughed out loud at replacing chocolate with carob, a Spinal Tap reference, and a dragon talking about coconut cakes.  With many of these, I was left wanting more and they could easily be built on and expanded into full length short stories or even novels.

This is a quick read, but take time to savor this collection and fully appreciate the poignant writing.



35 thoughts on “Hinting at Shadows by Sarah Brentyn #bookreview #anthologies #microfiction #TuesdayBookBlog

            1. I have but years ago and not fiction. I just finished editing a flash anthology for Carrot Ranch (and have a few pieces in there). But I’d *love* to write for an anthology. I just don’t know where to look for them.

              You are so right. I got Quantum Wanderlust because of that. There are at least 4 authors in there I’d been wanting to read and they were all in one place. 🙂 *hint* That one is very high up on my TBR list.

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  2. What a wonderful surprise! This review is amazing. ❤️ You’ve made my whole week. And given me an early holiday gift. (By the way, you’re the first person to mention the Spinal Tap reference. You are made of awesome.) Thank you so much for posting this, Teri.

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