Instincts: Savannah PD Series by Rachel Renee #bookreview #thriller #suspense #TuesdayBookBlog @AuthorRachelRM

Instincts: A way of thinking or feeling that is not learned. 
Instincts: Drivers of behaviors.
Instincts: Help us to survive.

An abandoned factory in the dead of night—urine and decay permeating the air, setting the scene for the most recent horror film—only this isn’t the movies. The silhouette of the person hanging from the rafters is real life and the beginning of a case.
I’m detective Eliza Sheppard and it’s my job to determine what has happened to someone at the end of their journey here on earth. It’s my job to catch the guys or gals who felt it was in them to end that person’s journey. And it’s my job to put those criminals behind bars. Armed with my team of detectives, and most importantly my instincts, I set out to find what happened to respected Savannah business woman, Loretta Michaels. With little evidence and doubts from others, I am driven to follow a lead that many others suspect could be a wild goose chase. Will my instincts lead me to a killer? And how far am I willing to go to bring the killer to justice?  –

This is the first book I’ve read in this series – and it wastes no time tossing the reader into the midst of a puzzling murder.  Eliza has worked hard to get where she is; the drive to put criminals behind bars is in her blood, being passed down from her father.  She’s a flawed, charismatic protagonist with a strong affinity for margaritas, a determined, match-making mother, a best friend who may or may not want to be more, and little time for a personal life.  In short – someone most readers can identify with in some way.

With several characters seemingly having motive and opportunity, it’s not immediately clear who the murderer is, and I suspected nearly everyone at some point.  That’s what makes an engaging crime thriller, right?

If you’re a fan of intriguing crime fiction that keeps you guessing, this is a series to look into.

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