Sanctuary (Immortal Soulless #2) by Tanith Frost #bookreview #urbanfantasy @TanithFrost

Pushing papers at a werewolf sanctuary is the last assignment Aviva would have wished for. It’s the bottom rung of the career ladder for a vampire, a job that will leave her isolated from most of her kind as she watches over members of a species whose very existence threatens the secrecy of the supernatural world. Her only consolation is the promise of peace and quiet. After all, the werewolves may be troublesome, but they’ve kept their own secrets for a century.

But the situation at the sanctuary is not all it appeared to be when Aviva received her assignment. Age-old tensions between vampires and werewolves come to a head when a human in a nearby village is found brutally murdered and suspicion lands squarely on the sanctuary’s supernatural inhabitants.

When the pack leaders refuse to turn the killer in to face justice, Aviva knows her elders will do anything to keep their world safe from humans, even if it means wiping out the werewolves for good. With the help of a mistrustful female and a relentlessly tempting alpha male, it will be up to Aviva to overcome the instinctive hatred between their species and catch a murderer before the human world takes notice—and before the sanctuary turns into a battleground. –

As with the first book in this series, the author continues to portray vampires, and now werewolves in an original way.

Aviva knows what’s expected of her from her vampire clan, Maelstrom, but still struggles with unacceptable human traits in her new ‘life’.  The clash between clan expectations and her own values creates ongoing, dangerous conflict and several times I wondered how, or even if, she’d find her way out of predicaments she’d gotten into.  Daniel again maintains a frustrating distance, and has secrets yet to be revealed.  Several new characters are introduced in this book, and one in particular didn’t turn out as I’d expected.

The vampire books I’ve read far outnumber those with werewolves, but I’ve never come across anything like Frost’s interpretation.  Female readers in particular will enjoy this version.

Sanctuary kept me riveted, and I finished the book in two days.  For vamp/werewolf fans who’ve grown weary of repetitive storylines, give the Immortal Soulless Series a try – you won’t be disappointed.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author.

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