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Today’s author tells about a creepy paranormal experience, his shrewd idea for time travel – and is yet another person to have seen It, while I still have not.  Alas – it is my shame to bear as a devoted King fan.  Welcome, Phil Taylor!

 Remember when you were a kid and you had that one magical summer that seemed to last a lifetime? Cooper, Gooby, Chuck, Cliff and Bolo don’t know it, but they are in the midst of a summer they will never forget. Their small town is paralyzed with fear as a serial killer preys upon children and The Golden Boys seem to be the only ones who have a chance to stop him. A life-long bond is forged between them as they confront each other, their worst fears and a killer that is more than anyone could possibly imagine.

What’s the best horror/thriller movie you’ve seen this year so far?

This is an easy one. It. I read the Stephen King 1400 page novel about 25 years ago. I watched the original movie and was disappointed. The reboot, currently in theaters is fantastic. It’s a worthy adaptation of the novel.

Any paranormal experiences you’d like to share?

Just a few months ago my wife took a picture of me building a pergola in the back yard. When she looked at the picture, very near me was what looked like a small cloud. If you zoomed in though, it clearly had a face. Even creepier is that she had an iPhone and had taken one of those “live” photos that captures about two seconds of motion. The cloud/ghost can be seen moving from one side of the picture to the other.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and what would you do?

I’d go back about twenty years and tell my past self to invest all my money in Apple, Google, and Amazon.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on the sequel to my recently released humorous, suspense time travel novel, Time to Lie.

Biggest horror/thriller novel influence?

I’m going to cheat and choose two. Stephen King for his incredible descriptive abilities. My second biggest influence is Dean Koontz for his creation of the character Odd Thomas. From that sixteen novel series, I learned how important it is to create a character that readers want to root for.

If you could change one thing about your writing career, what would it be?

I’d be more patient. When I first published I was so eager that I published before I had a social media following. I also didn’t put much effort into seeking an agent or publisher. I had written my story and I wanted the world to read it, so I self-published.

Author Bio

Phil Taylor is a father of three, husband to one, and life-long smart ass to many. He has been well trained by his two dogs and a cat and is a loyal servant to them all. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology and spent many years working in the field of mental health before realizing that stringing words together might be a little bit more fun. His two fiction novels, White Picket Prisons and The Sneaker Tree are dedicated to the life-long friends that shaped his life.

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