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Calvin Dean was one of the first authors to sign up for Bad Moon Rising when it began, and I’m thrilled to have him back for the third year in a row.  I read Curses, which is a delightful blend of supernatural and humor, and wondered if Calvin had created a new category – cozy supernatural.  It’s FREE over the next five days, so make sure to get your copy soon!

Curses is FREE (Kindle only) Oct. 18 – 22, 2017. Download your free copy right now.

Martin Gallagher buys an old house in the country. While pursuing Hannah, a widow from the neighborhood, he encounters a sexy but psychotic ghost named Agnes. To make matters worse, Agnes is dead-set on derailing his blossoming romance.

“Just my luck. A woman wants me and there isn’t a breath of life in her.”

Meanwhile, an eccentric medium offers to help Martin exorcise his home, but this means resisting the temptress, encountering the bizarre, and braving supernatural encounters. Can Martin overcome his desires and fears long enough to lift the dreaded curse?

“I recalled Madam Zelda’s advice—avoid Agnes. Have nothing to do with her. Yet there I stood, drool on my chin, tangled in her wicked web, rendered powerless to resist.”

“Curses” is three connected paranormal mysteries that elicit horror, laughter, warmth, even tears. Cozy up with Dean’s haunting cast of characters and enjoy a delightfully humorous tale of the paranormal. If you dare.

“Curses is just one of those books that you come to the end and think, now that was fun!” – By Hook or By Book Blog

Curses is a paranormal mystery with horrifying scenes and a haunting cast of characters that will make you laugh out loud.

Favorite Halloween costume as a child or adult? 

The Wizard of Oz has always been one of my favorite movies. One year, my girlfriend (now my wife) bought fabric and patterns, and sewed a Dorothy costume for her, and a Scarecrow costume for me. I still have it tucked away in my closet. Warning: accessorizing with hay can be itchy. Who knew?

Any paranormal experiences you’d like to share? 

As a teen growing up in a small town in Mississippi, my friends and I heard tales of hangings and strange balls of fire in the night sky. Naturally, we formed a search party. One late night excursion took us down a narrow, gravel road with the branches of stately oaks hanging overhead. When we arrived at an old antebellum mansion miles from nowhere, we scanned the grounds for nooses hanging from trees or other telltale signs of murder. Though the anticipation of discovery gave us chills, we found no evidence of foul play. On another occasion, we rode a rural two-lane highway at midnight, the prescribed time when a ball of fire would allegedly descend from the sky and follow lonely travelers. Foiled again. I’m sad to report no supernatural experiences for me. Well, I tried.

Favorite Halloween candy? 

As a child, Halloween meant walking the neighborhood with my older sister and cousins who lived next door. We’d go neighborhood to neighborhood, knocking on door after door yelling ‘Trick or Treat!” There was little concern for our safety in the early to mid-sixties. The man who ran the local print shop owned a house I always looked forward to visiting. Mr. Chapius always hid somewhere in his yard and would jump out from behind a bush or wherever and scare the living daylights out of us. One year, he wore a sheet and stood on his rooftop making ghostly gestures. I thought he was gonna jump. After the terror subsided, his wife gave us homemade candy coated popcorn balls. They were the best! As an adult, I wanted to honor these memories, so I took a vintage pine box coffin that looked like it came from a Vincent Price movie set, placed it on my front porch on Halloween, and climbed inside. With the lid closed, I’d pop it open at the right moment when kids came to my door for tricks or treats. I got some shocked looks on the faces of kids and more than a few parents. A few years ago, I ran into a kid from the neighborhood, all grown up now. He said, “I remember you. You’re the coffin man!” I smiled—made my day.

What are you working on now? 

For the past several months, Geriatric Delinquents has been collecting dust in my hard drive. You see, during the spring and summer I umpire youth league baseball—USSSA and Dizzy Dean to be exact, including the Dizzy Dean World Series. And no, I’m not related to the St. Louis Cardinals legend as far as I know. I estimate that I’ve umpired over 200 games this year. By the time Fall Ball ends in late October, I’ll umpire another 35 or more games. So I’ve been busy as you might imagine. At some point this fall, I’ll dust off Geriatric Delinquents and see what the characters have to say to me.

When you finish a book, do you take time off or jump into another project? 

After writing my first book, The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff, I immediately began outlining and writing the original draft of A Door Unlocked. I completed the book in four months. After this, I took time off from writing—a year or more. Then I started working on Curses, my latest release. But even Curses took time. In the middle of the book I took a little down time. Sometimes things have to percolate.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created? 

Yes. Though several come to mind, Martin Gallagher rises above the rest. He is the main character in Curses, my most recent book. Martin is witty, charming, and a nervous wreck all at the same time. I’d compare him to an older version of Mortimer, played by Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace. To be honest, I never intended to introduce humor in my character, but Martin insisted. By the time I had written six or seven chapters, I noticed this streak of humor coming naturally. I had to go back and rewrite portions to match the character’s evolving personality.

I want to thank Teri for giving me a chance to reconnect with you this year. I always look forward to Bad Moon Rising. Don’t forget to download Curses. The Kindle version is FREE Oct. 18 – 22, 2017.

Author Bio

Calvin Dean is the author of two bestselling novels: “The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff” and “A Door Unlocked”. “Curses”, a humorous paranormal mystery, is now available on Amazon and other booksellers. His short story, “The Rookie Umpire”, appeared in Junior Baseball Magazine and is now available on Wattpad. Calvin enjoys spring breaks on the Redneck Riviera, summers umpiring USSSA and Dizzy Dean baseball, and winters beside a fire sipping a frothy cappuccino. Calvin lives with his family in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee.

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Twitter: @jcalvindean

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17 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising Calvin Dean #IndieAuthor #paranormal #mystery

  1. I’ve had Curses on my Kindle and TBR for a while. You know how you get books and then you forget because you keep adding more books? Shame on me!

    This is getting bumped high on my TBR. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while and right before Halloween seems like perfect timing.

    Loved the trick-or-treat stories. So much fun!

    Hubby and I watch the Wizard of Oz at least once every year. Still a classic 🙂


      1. I had a group of parents complain about the spooky laugh that would begin when I opened the door for trick or treaters. (I had speakers on either side of the porch and a looped recording with echo.) The laugh would move across the porch (stereo) and I guess it was too realistic. One parent talked about dirty underwear. The next year I set up a margarita machine and all was forgiven.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I like your style, John! When we lived in SC, we had a next door neighbor who went all out for Halloween – occupied coffins in the yard, a masked guy with a chainsaw – it was a Halloween destination (they toned it down for the little kids).

          Liked by 1 person

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