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Let today’s author brighten up your Monday morning with a serial killer mystery/thriller – welcome, Michelle Beddows!

Detective Darker is a 25 year veteran of the Homicide division, close to retirement he gets the biggest case of his career. A serial killer who is torturing and killing women. The serial killer has been named by the tortured women as ‘The Whisperer’ because he whispers a Mormon bible passage to them before he kills them and dumps their maimed bodies in an industrial park. Detective Darker has a new partner and is working with the Behavioural Science Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to solve this crime. Things get worse before they get better. Detective Darker being the consummate professional, must catch the killer before the body count gets too high and the entire city becomes a powder keg.  

Favorite Halloween costume?

I think my favorite as a kid was when I dressed up as a cowboy. It was the one costume I remember everyone in my family participated in. My mom did my make up, my dad took us out to collect candy. It was one of the most memorable family moments I have. As an adult it has to be a Star Trek Ensign.

What fictional character would be you nightmare neighbour? 

Well I would think either Cob from Warded Man or Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. Cob is a vindictive manipulator while Hannibal lives with a set of social conventions that very few practice. Both are equally horrible.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and what would you do? 

I would go back to the early 1930’s to Germany. World War II is something I have a particular fascination with. I would love to see how people fell under National Socialisms’ spell and how the fall out from the German loss impacted the people. I would be a European Correspondent for the Herald or the Times.

What are you working on now?

I am working on two new projects. One is a set of children’s stories named “Shelby the Strong.” Its about a princess who accepts new challenges and learns what her inner strengths are and how they can help her friends and the world around her. The 2nd is my new novel, “The Barren Tree.” This is a labour of love. This is a story about Man vs Himself. The Main character is a German born Jewish man who during his formative years gets enlisted in the Wermacht and must forsake his people while serving the German army. The novel is a first person account of his life told through a series of video tapes he leaves to an orphaned girl he met during his final years at a Nursing Home.

Biggest horror/thriller influence?

I must admit, this was a tough one. I think to be fair I have to break it into two categories. Film and Literature. For film hands down it is Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock. For Literature I think it is a tie between Johnathan Nasaw, Steig Larson and Thomas Harris.

What horror/thriller novel do I wish I had written?

I wish I had written  27 Bones by Johnathan Nasaw. His writing and the depth of his characters made me want to crawl in the book and feel what they felt. The description of the places he had his characters go was awe inspiring and you could almost smell and taste what the characters were feeling.  I inspire to write as well as Jonathan does and make my readers feel the way I did when I read that book.

Author Bio

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta. Creative writing took its hold in public school and developed into a passion when I attended Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. I spent my 20’s and 30’s in Ontario learning about rural life and spending time with my grandparents before they passed away. In 2012 I moved back to Calgary, where my soul longed to be near the mountains. When I am not writing I am spending time with my spouse and my 3 teenagers.

Social Media

My web page:  http://michellebeddows.ca/
My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TerrorandTears
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/DarrellDarker

Buy Links

 Black Rose Writing – http://www.blackrosewriting.com/mysterydetective/terrorandtears?rq=Terror%20%26%20Tears%3A%20A%20Darrell

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      1. Years ago I was reading about how he was famous for his “long shots,” for example starting a scene viewed from the street, then the front yard, then the window, before finally being in the room with the characters. I tried to do that with my first novel, an epic “high” fantasy. (Not published) I don’t think I’ve done that in a while. Note to self…

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