Sarah – Halloween Price Reduction! #horror #thriller #YA #ghoststories

Looking for a spooky Halloween read?  Sarah is priced at $2.99 through the month of October!  Prefer real books over ebooks?  That price will also be reduced by October 8th.

Amazon buy link

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I’ll be doing a book signing at Half Price Books in Bowling Green, KY this Saturday, September 30th, from 1pm to 3pm.  Drop by and see me – free candy for everyone!


21 thoughts on “Sarah – Halloween Price Reduction! #horror #thriller #YA #ghoststories

  1. That’s generous, Teri. Everybody loves a bargain. Sarah is a great read.
    On Friday, October 6th, I was finally getting to the Thistledown character you named. It worked out perfectly for the beginning (almost beginning?) of Bad Moon. So I’m giving the event a feature with that episode.
    I’m also going to try and put Atonement, Tennessee on special through the day of your post.
    (I emailed the files to you — not sure if you received them.)
    Happy weekend. Hugs!

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    1. Sorry, Teagan! Had a lot going on the past couple of days, looked away for a second, and had over 200 emails. Somehow, they multiplied. So excited to see my evil fairy name! And thanks for the kind words about Sarah – you know how much I enjoyed your book – and Lilith!

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