Writer’s Retreat – I’m Soooo Out of Here!

I won’t be around the next few days – headed out for a Writer’s Retreat and am determined to get this new book finished and in the hands of beta readers.  I’m behind on reading and have several ARC’s I owe reviews on, Bad Moon Rising is coming up and there are 31+ posts to get ready, I’ve made three unexpected visits to the vet over the past few days, my youngest son needed a tux immediately for symphonic band (I’m sure this came up suddenly – no way he would have sat on that info until the last minute, right?), plus all those other things that seem to pop up when you’re leaving town.

But….I have a book on tape for the trip (Game – Jasper Dent #2 by Barry Lyga), the address plugged into Google maps, and I’m about 90% packed.  I’m really looking forward not only to uninterrupted writing time, but reconnecting with writers and friends I haven’t seen for a little over a year, and attending workshops by the retreat host, author C.J. Redwine.

Wish me a productive retreat!

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Retreat – I’m Soooo Out of Here!

  1. May your muse be prolific, Teri! A writers retreat sounds wonderful.
    I’m determined to finish my WIP this week too (the writing is done, now it’s just the editing).
    Hope the vet visits weren’t anything serious.

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