Cover Reveal: Quantum Wanderlust – A Short Story Anthology #CoverReveal #anthology #scifi

I’m so excited to reveal this cover – isn’t it beautiful?  I was asked to contribute a short story to this anthology, and when I learned it was about time travel, I jumped  on board.  Ever since I watched my first Planet of the Apes movie (thanks, Dad!), time travel has always been a favorite topic of mine.  Quantum Wanderlust will be available for FREE sometime around the end of this month – will keep you posted.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

That reminds you of changing the clocks, right? When we talk about the passage of time, it’s usually in short bursts—seconds, minutes, hours—. Or slightly longer chunks—weeks, months, years.

What if it was limitless? What if you could go forward or back, in any size segment you wanted? Decades, centuries, eons? Would you go back and change your life? Go forward and see your future?

We are excited to share thirteen short stories crafted by very talented authors that will take you forward and back through time.

If you could travel through time, what would you do?

15 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Quantum Wanderlust – A Short Story Anthology #CoverReveal #anthology #scifi

  1. Growing up, I was a huge Planet of the Ape fan, Teri. Each Sunday, when the TV listing came in the paper, I scoured it to see if any of the ape movies were on. My favorite was the one where Heston comes across the Statue of Liberty washed up on the beach.
    Great cover…congratulations!

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