What I’m Reading and Reviewing #amreading

I haven’t downsized my TBR over the past few weeks (although I’ve added to it – don’t even act like you’re surprised).  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading.  Between NetGalley, Edelweiss, and three book clubs, I’ve been doing almost nothing but reading and writing – I also saw Spider-Man yesterday (definitely recommend it), so I thought I’d give you a peek at my list.

These three are for book clubs:

Seems like this time of year, my review list is always a little heavier – lots of new fall releases.  It’s like Christmas in July!

8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading and Reviewing #amreading

  1. I’ve been reading the same book for several weeks now (over 800 pages) but I keep adding new titles to my TBR. My local library is having their annual book sale in a few weeks and I’m waffling on going. I still have books from last year’s sale I haven’t gotten too, but the idea is hard to resist!

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    1. 800 pages is a chunk! That would definitely take me a while. Somehow I managed to stay away from my library’s most recent sale – it might have coincided with the day I handcuffed myself to the kitchen table.

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