In a Small Compass: Vol. 1 by Karen Oberlaender #bookreviews #paranormal #TuesdayBookBlog

15 contemporary short fiction stories with paranormal streaks take you on a journey33227363 to Boston, Dublin, Dundrum, Galway, Heidelberg, London, Munich, Nuremberg, Skerries, and other places.

Find out more about:
– Rachel and her nightmare.
– Madelyn and her marble.
– Jenny and the shadow.
– Louise and her hunches.
– Ted and the noises.
– Dee and her prison.
– The heatwave in Willowsend.
– Judy and her projections.
– Joe and a voice.
– Roberta and Laura.
– Marty giving directions.
– James Ferris Wheeler and the award.
– Aoife at the Dundrum Town Centre.
– The secret of the blue window – with two alternative endings. –

For someone who prefers their books to have a touch of other-worldliness, this marvelous collection of short stories was a treat for me.  Each is the perfect length to take an enjoyable short break from your day or for a quick read while waiting in line (I’m never without a book if I have to wait anywhere, anytime).   The settings from around the world are just an added bonus.  Looking forward to volume 2!

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