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Welcome to Indie Author Friday with today’s featured author, D. Lieber and her book, Conjuring Zephyr!  In just a few lines, she crafts quite an intriguing tale about a penguin in a sombrero – make sure to read below.


Retreating underground to escape a devastating ice age, humans build a new society. When magic is discovered and harnessed for survival, the citizens of Terrenus establish theories and principles of how to use it.

Kai Stephenson is determined to prove magical principles aren’t set in stone. Having lost her younger brother in a tragic accident, she will ensure such accidents never harm anyone else. She enrolls at the most elite university to gain the knowledge she needs to achieve her goal. Overconfident that living as a boy at an all-boys university will only be a minor inconvenience, Kai is convinced her classmates will never discover that she’s a woman. After all, women aren’t capable of higher forms of magic, and her boyish figure certainly doesn’t hurt her disguise.

Hiding her true identity becomes a problem when her new friends start to awaken her repressed sexuality.

What are your favorite books in your genre?

As far as fantasy romance goes, I love everything by Anne Bishop. I also enjoy the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

I would encourage myself to let go and let my imagination fly. I was always a very serious person. I didn’t really loosen up until I went to college. I was too uptight and self conscious to let my mind wander into unknown and fanciful worlds that hadn’t been neatly created by professional authors. Taking that leap into the mysterious void has made my life much more fascinating and vivid.

What is something memorable you’ve heard from your readers/fans?

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from my readers. I’m so glad when my stories bring joy to others. I think the comment I’m most proud of was when a grown man said I’d made him blush. I wear that like a badge of honor.

What’s the last thing you watched on TV/Netflix?

I just watched the 2004 version of the Phantom of the Opera. The music is so enchanting, though of course I love the book as well. When I visited Paris, I went to the oldest English language bookstore in the city and that was the book I purchased.

A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

“Excuse me. Have you seen a grumpy looking albatross?”

After a long pause, I reply. “I’m sorry. I haven’t.”

The penguin looks frustrated and turns to leave.

“Why are you looking for him?” I ask, before he can waddle out the door.

He sighs as if I’m wasting his time. “Because he’s a bandit who stole the prized squid of Scotia.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Can I ask you one more question?”

“Fine, but make it quick.”

“Why are you wearing a sombrero?”

He squints his beady eyes, trying to discern my meaning. “Why aren’t you wearing a sombrero?”

Book you’d want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

I’d want a book about how to survive on a desert island, because I’d be toast otherwise. I would also want The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It’s my favorite, and it takes a while to read.

Author Bio

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn aunnamed-2 Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John), retired guide dog (Samwise) and cat (Yin).

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