Twitter Takeover Young Entertainment #IndieAuthor #horror #YAreads

So – tomorrow I’m doing a Twitter Takeover from 4 pm to 6 pm EST on Young j4m7vtvg_400x400Entertainment.  Never done one of these – so that should be interesting.  Another YA author did a takeover earlier this week and from what I could tell, no one asked her any questions or responded to any she posed.  Please don’t let this happen to me!  I’m begging asking my friends to at least drop by and tweet me a question, make a comment about Sarah, or reply to any tweets I’ve tossed out there – just don’t leaving me hanging by my lonesome in the twittersphere!

Thursday, 2/9, 4pm – 6pm EST @YoungEntmag

13 thoughts on “Twitter Takeover Young Entertainment #IndieAuthor #horror #YAreads

  1. Good luck Teri! I hope you’ll do a post to let us know what you thought of the entire experience. My use of social media is mostly the “automated” things that WordPress does for me, since I have zero time for the marketing aspect. I’ll be very interested to know your thoughts. Hugs.

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    1. I’ve told my son he needs to be here during that time in case some teenage thing I’ve never heard of comes up! I’ll let you know how it goes, Teagan. And I’ll take all the hugs I can get.

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    1. I’m thrilled you liked it, Traci! I get it about the ‘ghost thing’ – i have friends who are definitely not into horror, but read it anyway and a couple had nightmares (which made me happy in a twisted kind of way). Look forward to your review!

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  2. I like to read scary, don’t like to watch it too much. Somehow, the reading I can handle, but seeing it visually bothers me. This book reaches in and grabs you and you’re looking around everywhere to make sure Sarah isn’t in the room with you!

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