Curses by Calvin Dean #bookreviews #supernatural @JCalvinDean

Martin Gallagher buys an old house in the country. While pursuing Hannah, a widow 32822338from the neighborhood, he encounters a sexy but psychotic ghost named Agnes. To make matters worse, Agnes is dead set on derailing his blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, an eccentric medium offers to help Martin exorcise his home, but this means resisting the temptress, encountering the bizarre, and braving the unknown. Can Martin overcome his desires and fears long enough to lift the curse? Curses is three connected stories that elicit laughter, warmth, even tears. –

After a long corporate career, Martin is looking forward to a relaxing retirement in a charming old home in the country, working in his garden, and possibly romancing the widow down the street.  It sounds good in theory, but the ghosts in his house have other plans.

Curses is a light-hearted read for the most part, and the blend of supernatural and humor is very enjoyable.  That being said, when Martin is awakened by voices and bumps in the night, the author certainly creates some atmospheric, spine-tingling scenes as well (which thrilled my inner horror fangirl).  I laughed at Martin’s awkward attempts to juggle both Hannah and Agnes and his reluctant acceptance at having to share his home with a tempting and meddlesome ghost.

I’ve never read a book quite like this one and wonder if Dean has created a new category – cozy supernatural maybe?  Curl up with this novel on a lazy weekend and spend time with some charismatic characters (both human and ghost) for an engaging, humorous read that may also raise some hairs occasionally.

I received a copy of this book from the author.


3 thoughts on “Curses by Calvin Dean #bookreviews #supernatural @JCalvinDean

  1. Thanks for that review. This one interested me before, but after reading your review, I’m fairly certain I’ll love it. I just hopped over to Amazon and grabbed a copy. Sounds like a lot of fun (with some nice goosebumps tossed in)!

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