Secrets Amongst the Cypress: The House of Crimson and Clover #8 by Sarah M. Cradit #bookreviews @TheWriterSarah

Amelia and Jacob have landed in a very familiar where. The when is a whole other 31685273matter.

Jacob’s first experience time traveling leaves him and Amelia stranded in 1861 Louisiana on the cusp of the Civil War. With no luggage and no invitation, they find themselves at the mercy of Charles and Brigitte Deschanel, who, for now, believe they are cousins visiting from abroad.

The tragic circumstances which led them to flee the present now leave them both struggling to make sense of their own individual grief. Amelia’s sorrow drives her further from Jacob, and into the strange world of an eccentric man, Victor, who knows all too much about her. Jacob’s heartache leaves him cynical and weary, losing sight of who he is and was destined to become.

As the strange and terrible dynamics of the nineteenth century Deschanel family come to light, Amelia and Jacob are each drawn into the family’s complex web in myriad ways, challenging everything they held to be true. These revelations drive a deeper wedge between the couple, placing them in grave danger, from those around them… but also from themselves.

The hands of time have taken hold, and the clock is ticking. The longer they stay, the greater the risk of losing everything. –

Various parts of this story are funny, heartbreaking, and revealing.  Seeing how Amelia and Jacob cope with being fish out of water in the year 1861 is quite amusing at times, although experiencing what Ophelie lived through is tragic and horrendous.  Learning about Victor is exciting because of potential future plot lines with his character.  Traveling back to 1861 is a treat, as it’s obvious the author did extensive research on this time period – and I love anything having to do with time travel.  This may be my favorite cover in this series yet – it’s beautiful!

One of this author’s greatest strengths is character development and the way Amelia and Jacob struggle to cope with the devastating trauma they’ve experienced is heartrending, but feels very real.  Although this is primarily their story, I enjoyed the addition of Finn, Ana, and Aleksandr and seeing how their own storyline may parallel Amelia and Jacob’s in the future – and Nic getting some page time is always a bonus.

Secrets Amongst the Cypress is a powerful, compelling read, but upon reaching the conclusion, I felt as if something was missing – but I can’t put my finger on it.  The book gives some spine-tingling hints of things to come in this series, but something felt incomplete.

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy/paranormal, I can’t recommend this series enough – but start from the beginning!

I received an ARC of this book from the author.


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