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Today we welcome C.M. Blackwood to Bad Moon Rising!  A decades old manor, murders, ghosts – doesn’t this just scream Halloween?


Life’s a bowl of cherries, as they say. Until someone chops your head off.

In the year 1933, an alcoholic, cynical 32-year- old named Mary Meade inherits a manor. She’s been emotionally scarred ever since her mother died. But you probably would be, too, if your mother had a heart attack after walking in on you while you were sleeping with another woman.

Mary’s great-uncle just passed away, so his house, and all his money, goes to her. When she arrives at the house, though, she finds much more than she bargained for: including strange servants, a murder mystery, and – oh, did we forget to mention? – GHOSTS.

Despite her cold demeanor, Mary is romantically drawn to a spirit named Jessica Price, who was killed in 1879 by a madman named John Drum. Mary and Jessica fall in love, but of course, the story is much more complicated than that.

Shortly after the death of Mary’s great-uncle, a young woman named Edie Montgomery was found gutted and beheaded on his property. Now her spirit is trapped inside the manor. John Drum killed Jessica Price. But who killed Edie Montgomery?

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What’s the first story you ever wrote?

The first story I ever wrote was a historical novel called The Ballad of Katharine O’Brien. It’s a bit of a mess, but someone once called it (God bless ‘em) “an undiscovered masterpiece with fuzzy historical details.” The kindest way anyone could have put it, I’m sure.

Which fictional character would you most like to meet and have a drink with?

Ooohhh. Good one. I would like to have a drink with . . . Regina from Once Upon a Time. I’d always be wondering if she was going to go all “Evil Queen” on me after she had a few highballs. It’d be super exciting.

In the spirit of Halloween, what scares you?

The only thing that ever really creeps me out is taking out the trash after dark. My backyard is super dark, and it looks really big with the shadows at night, so I’m always wondering, is there some creepy person who’s going to jump out and murder me? Probably not – but I always wonder.

Favorite hero and villain in a book/movie?

Hmmm. I’ll use the movie The Boxtrolls. For heroine I pick Winnie Portley-Rind, voiced by Elle Fanning: the coolest, funniest little chubby champion I ever saw. She loved to talk about how the Boxtrolls would drink her blood and crush her bones – and even though she was glad to be able to help save them, she was a little disappointed that the trolls didn’t actually do any blood-drinking or bone-crushing. For villain, I loved Snatcher, voiced by Ben Kingsley – the Boxtroll catcher who wanted to wear a White Hat and eat cheese, even though he was allergic to cheese and got hives when he ate it.

What do you consider the hardest part of writing?

Yikes! Probably getting all of the facts in order. Everyone knows there’s a ton of research to do when writing a novel – at least, a novel that’s not a fairy tale. (Which is why I love writing fairy tales best. It’s like imagination on crack.)

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my second mystery, Who Murdered Dr. Damien? It’s set in an old mental asylum, where someone’s running around killing doctors and patients. It’ll come out in 2017.

Author Bio:unnamed-25

I’m an indie author who writes, among other things, lesbian murder mysteries. I also write romances and fairy tales. On October 1, I’ll be publishing a middle grade fantasy novel under the pen name Athellia Lovegood.

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