#BadMoonRising Day 9 Expulsion by Angel Gelique #indieauthor #horror


Today we welcome Angel Gelique to Bad Moon Rising.  The cover of her new book is perfect for the Halloween season, don’t you think?

As an added Halloween treat, Angel will giving away a copy of Expulsion!  Leave a comment below to be entered for the giveaway.  A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday.  


Elizabeth thought that she got rid of her unwanted baby.
She was wrong….

On a stormy Sunday afternoon, twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Cotton has a bizarre encounter with a stranger dressed in black, which leads to an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy.  In an act of desperation, Elizabeth aborts her unborn child, savagely expelling the fetus from her womb.

Years later, she is happily married to Martin Howe and in her second trimester of pregnancy.  Plagued by horrific nightmares, Elizabeth has a dreadful feeling that something is terribly wrong.

When she gives birth, it is immediately clear that the baby is not a typical newborn.  Elizabeth believes that she is being punished for her past—for deplorably terminating her unborn child’s life.  But she isn’t the only one tormented by the aberrant infant.

Evil has been unleashed and mankind will face its ultimate challenge. 

What’s the first story you ever wrote?

Technically, I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can recall—ever since I learned how to write.  I used to create silly-looking storybooks (with even sillier stories)!  But the first story I have actually published is entitled, “Mother,” and is a young adult story about a troubled mother/daughter relationship that examines the dire consequences of miscommunication and lack of discipline.

Which fictional character would you most like to meet and have a drink with?

There’s a psychologically-challenged character named Suzanne in a book called I am Her by Sarah Ann Walker. Suzanne is a complex character with several layers of insecurities.  I would love to meet her and help rebuild her shattered self-esteem.

In the spirit of Halloween, what scares you?

The thought of anything horrible happening to my children is my absolute worst fear.  People tend to fear the unknown—in the form of ghosts, evil spirits, demons, etc.  But I mostly fear the evil perpetrated by humans more—the murders, rapes, public shootings, terrorist activity, threat of nuclear and/or biological weapons and the ensuing mass devastation. The thought of a pandemic spreading throughout the world especially terrifies me.

Favorite hero and villain in a book/movie?

The person who immediately popped into my mind is “V” from V is for Vendetta.  There is some debate as to whether V is the hero or the villain, since his tactics can be deemed questionable.  For me, however, there’s no debate.  He is a hero who starts a revolution that gets his fellow citizens to fight against the tyranny and oppression of a futuristic fascist government.  There is a movie based on the book by Alan Moore. I highly recommend it!

What do you consider the hardest part of writing?

For me, switching gears from one book to the next is often the hardest part about writing—especially since I have a tendency to switch genres, as well.  I’ll go from horror to young adult, etc.  It’s sometimes difficult to get started.  Even coming up with that perfect first line can be challenging at times.

What are you working on now?

I just completed an occult horror novel entitled, Expulsion, so now I’m going to start on something a bit milder.  I plan to write a novel about bullying called Zero Tolerance.  It will be a young adult book that focuses on the persecution of one young teen student and the damaging effects it has, not just upon her, but those connected to her as well.  I hope to have it released by the end of this year.

Author Bio


Angel Gelique is a mother, wife and recovering attorney from Long Island, New York.  Author of the disturbing Hillary series, Gelique enjoys exploring the dark regions of her imagination and incorporating the horrors therein within her books.  As gruesome as her horror novels are, Gelique does not limit her writing to horror.  Her debut novel, Mother, is an emotionally-charged young adult story about a tumultuous mother/daughter relationship.  She has even written a chick-lit novel entitled Yesterday vs. Tomorrow.

Her fifth and latest book is called Expusion and is especially disturbing.  It exemplifies her penchant for exploring taboo topics while immersing readers in graphic violence, gore and mayhem.

Gelique values honest, constructive criticism and is always happy to connect with readers on Goodreads.

Contact links

Website:   http://www.angelgelique.com/

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6494965.Angel_Gelique

Amazon.com:  https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Gelique/e/B00J1OJ0RK/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_10?qid=1473685872&sr=1-10

Buy link

Expulsion can be purchased via Amazon using this link:


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