#BadMoonRising Day 4 Night Sea Journey by Paula Cappa #thriller #IndieAuthor @PaulaCappa1


I’ve had the pleasure of reading two of this award winning author’s eerie and atmospheric books.  With several to choose from, you can’t go wrong with your selection.


Perfect for supernatural thriller fans. Beautiful. Seductive. Wild. Kip Livingston, an artist living on Horn Island, is struggling with the powers of a dark invader haunting her dreams. Every night this winged creature chases her deeper to the bottom of the ocean. But waking up doesn’t destroy the dream, or the creature. The entity is always near. Desperate for help, she turns to the charming Raymond Kera, a man fighting his own demons. When Raymond is drawn into Kip’s night sea journeys, her nightmare becomes his own. Can he save Kip when he learns there is only one way out of the dream? Angels and demons, psychological and spiritual twists, murder and romance make this mysterious adventure a gripping fast read.


What’s the first story you ever wrote?

I made up lots of stories in my head as a child but didn’t actually write them down until high school. I began with short stories and they all had ghosts and spirits, mostly in the woods and in the sky.

Which fictional character would you most like to meet and have a drink with?

Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. After reading about Herman Melville’s research to write the novel, I think speaking with Ahab would be extraordinary.

In the spirit of Halloween, what scares you?

Monsters. I hate them. Zombies too because they are a freak of nature.

Favorite hero and villain in a book/movie?

I loved Dexter from the TV series. He played the killer with smooth intelligence and yet still had room for sensitivity.

What do you consider the hardest part of writing?

Creating characters. Getting that realistic element is always a challenge and a motivation.

What are you working on now?

New novel is Draakensky (working title). I can’t talk about it.

Author Bio

Paula Cappa is the recipient of a Chanticleer Book Award for Greylock, the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Award, theunnamed-3 Readers’ Favorite International Bronze Medal for Supernatural Suspense, and a Gothic Readers Book Club Award Winner in Outstanding Fiction. She is the author of Greylock, The Dazzling Darkness, and Night Sea Journey—print editions published by Crispin Books, Milwaukee WI. Her short fiction has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Whistling Shade Literary Journal, SmokeLong Quarterly, Sirens Call Ezine, Every Day Fiction, Fiction365, Twilight Times Ezine, and in anthologies Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Mystery Time, and Human Writes Literary Journal. She is a freelance copy editor and writes a weekly short story blog, Reading Fiction at paulacappa.wordpress.com. Paula Cappa is Co-Chair of the Pound Ridge Authors Society in Pound Ridge, NY.

Where to find Paulaunnamed

Author Page on Amazon.com
Website and blog
Twitter:  @PaulaCappa1

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        1. Hmmm, yes, you said it John, Ahab made the quest a deep obsession of vengeance. This is not just a whale doing what comes naturally for Ahab. And I think giving the whale a name indicates how personal it was for him. If I remember correctly, I think Ahab’s leg was made of whale bone.

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