White by Tim Lebbon #bookreview

First comes the Ruin. Society crumbles. Then comes the snow. A handful of survivors flee to a Cornish mansion, 21518350seeking peace and safety. Instead they find themselves under siege from the things now inhabiting the snowscape outside … fleeting, terrifying things seen from the corner of the eye.

And as the danger and horror builds, they come to learn that there are also enemies within. – Goodreads.com

The description sounds fantastic – society crumbling, survivors snowed in at a mansion, things hunting them – but the actual story didn’t quite get there for me.  I like how the action takes off right away and there’s a sense of mystery.  The horror scenes are eerie and well done and leave much of the description of the ‘white things’ to reader imagination.

I kept waiting for some kind of explanation about how these characters are connected, what had happened, how they found this mansion – but it never came.  Given that it’s a novella, it’s difficult to go into much detail about backstories, but I needed more to care about these characters and their dialogue felt repetitive.  This is a quick read, but overall it fell flat for me.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.




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