#BadMoonRising Author Preview #indieauthors


Bad Moon Rising kicks off tomorrow and is even bigger than last year with not just 31, but 32 indie authors!  One was on the waiting list and I saw nothing wrong with extending the Halloween season one more day – am I right?  With a different indie horror/thriller/paranormal author featured daily, I guarantee your TBR pile will grow!


C.S. Boyack
Jake Parent
Armand Rosamilia
Paula Cappa
Alice M. Phillips
Dylan J. Morgan
Harvey Click
Sue Rovens
Angel Gelique
Adam J. Smith
Christopher D. Schmitz
Stephen Morris
John W. Howell
Audrey Driscoll
Calvin Dean
K. R. Rowe
Chris Snider
Jessica A. Scott
Trent St. Germain
Martin Reaves
John Vance
Suzanne M. Synborski
Anna Roberts
Justin Bienvenue
Teagen R. Genevieve
Olivia Stocum
C.M. Blackwood
Michael P. King
Mae Clair
Will Macmillan Jones
Deby Fredericks
Jacob Peyton

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