Downsizing the TBR Pile

I’m back from vacation and thought I had a post ready to go today – but clearly I was764347 mistaken, because you’re getting the TBR pile either 2 days late or 5 days early depending on how you look at it.

Vacation was kind to the TBR pile – I can get so much reading done in airports and on planes – and finished (kind of) 3 books.  Unwind by Neal Shusterman was recommended to me by a friend of my son years ago and I regret that it took me this long to get to it – because it’s absolutely gripping and I finished it in nearly a day.  With horrific alternatives to abortion and organ donation, excellent characterization and a seriously 22807725disturbing scene, I plowed through this book and now my son is reading it.  A series I’ll definitely continue – which just adds more to the pile.

Finding the Way Back by Jill Bisker was unfortunately a DNF.  After reading about 25% of book, I just couldn’t get into it.  I prefer more of a brisk pace, but if you enjoy plots that take a little longer to play out, this could be your book.

I missed the characters from this series, so was anxious to get back to Flesh and Bone 13147460(Rot and Ruin #3) by Jonathan Maberry.  This book involved dealing with heavy grief, zombies (of course), new developments, and wacked out religious cults, but I can’t say it was my favorite.  Still, an amazing read with a different take on zombies.


Currently reading:







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TBR pile:  100

Read:  3

Bought:  0

Total:  97  (I finally broke 100!!!)


7 thoughts on “Downsizing the TBR Pile

    1. It’s cause for celebration, don’t you think? Between my two sons’ schedules, we had a 7 day window for vacation – but that included getting one of them back in time for summer school – but had fun during that window!

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  1. Congrats on bringing your TBR pile below 100! I’m nowhere near that number myself haha. I loved Unwind as well! I read it last year, but somehow I never read the sequels yet.

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      1. Haha it’s definitely hard not to add any new titles, especially with so many new books being published every month. And technically it’s on your son’s TBR pile until you decide to read it right? 😉


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