Release Day and Interview – Myst (An Island of Myst Novel) by Stacie Wilson @theStacieWilson



Two worlds separated by magic.
The future of both rests in her hands.

Surrounded by a loving family and her two best friends, Brianna St. James’ life has been filled with love and happiness. Now that she’s graduated from high school, her only worry should be what major to declare in the fall. But when nightmares plague her, and unexplainable things start to happen, any hopes for a simple life flicker and fade.

Drustan, her sworn Guardian and protector, has been sent to bring her home. Now he must help her remember a past that was taken from her and protect her from the dark forces that would see her dead.

Two worlds.
One hope.


Today is release day for Myst (An Isle of Myst Novel) by Stacie Wilson!  I met Stacie last fall at a writer’s retreat where she was pounding away on her laptop – and here we are to witness the results of her hard work and see her first novel published.  I’m so excited to have her as a guest on Books & Such – welcome, Stacie!

Tell us about your writing background.

I’ve always had a love for reading and writing. Secretly, I’ve wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. I used to scribble down tidbits of poetry or story ideas on scraps of paper. Somewhere along the line, I lost touch with that side of me for too long.  About five years ago, a friend told me about a new conference for YA authors and their fans in Nashville.  Going to UtopYAcon helped me to reconnect with my love of writing. Since then, I’ve had a few stories published in anthologies, self-published a novella and signed with Anchor Group Publishing for my YA Urban Fantasy, Myst.

What gave you the idea for Myst?

The idea for Myst was actually formed many years ago. I use to do historical re-enactment and we would camp out on the weekends for our events.  There was one morning in particular that I was up at dawn and took walk around a small lake. There was a dense fog covering the grounds and I felt like I’d stepped through a veil into a magical land. The idea that there is a magical realm separated from ours has always stuck with me.

Which characters were the most and least difficult to write and why?

Drustan was a bit of a challenge. At times his single-minded focus and commitment to Brianna was frustrating. His instincts were to protect her at all costs and it’s taking him awhile to realize that she doesn’t need protecting. She’s the one who’s going to save everyone else. Lanie, Brianna’s BFF, was the easiest. She is snarky, funny, and devoted to those she loves. There are many qualities that she shares with my daughter so it was easy to find inspiration for her.

Are you a plotter, panster, or somewhere in between?

Ha!  I plot by the seat of my pants.  I spend quite a bit of time world building, developing characters, and researching elements of my story. I will plot out major events in the story, but after that I just run with it.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

Just do it. Don’t wait for inspiration. Just put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and just write.

What writers have inspired you?

There are so many! I couldn’t possibly choose just a few. Authors who chase their dreams and encourage those around them to do the same inspire me.

Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.

I can juggle
I have a spinning wheel and know how to use it
I wanted to be a concert pianist when I was growing up
I use to do Irish and Scottish Historical Re-enactment
I keep several bottles of bubbles around – when the going gets tough – blow bubbles!!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I think it would be amazing to be able to manipulate the elements. How cool would that be to conjure fire and stir up some wind?

What are you working on right now?

I’m already working on book two in the Myst series, Dreams of Myst. Anchor Group Publishing has picked up the entire Myst series, so I’ll be busy living in that magical world for quite some time!

Where can fans find you?
Facebook: Facebook/StacieWilsonAuthor
Twitter: @theStacieWilson
Instagram: StacieWilsonAuthor


Do you believe in magic? I do. Words have the ability to conjure magical worlds that 5b4f99de-9cd2-488f-b93a-4b46d88cfc65can whisk us away from our everyday lives. There is magic everywhere, you just have to look.

I am originally from sunny Southern California but now call Nashville, Tennessee home with my husband, daughter and our three fur-kids (dogs).


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