The Sapphire Legend Part 2 by E.L. Tenenbaum #bookreviews

It’s been months since the destruction of Sapere’s village forced the survivors to flee into the Wild, where her secret 28388248was discovered and her Council struggles to keep the remains of her tribe alive. Surviving the attack, the flood, the Wild itself is proof that they have grown stronger as a people. Even in their new campsite they feel safe and comfortable… too comfortable.

Certain they must find the last of the Oro tribes and warn them about the impending Pliz danger before it’s too late, Sapere and Venatore take to scouring the Wild for the Great Blue Waters. Finding them, however, may not be the end of their trials, but only the beginning. For Sapere, this means facing antagonism toward her gift and her position on Council, an unprecedented break from tradition that their sister tribe won’t accept. For the rest of the tribe, this means adjusting to a new way of life with values and traditions very different from their current, and even former, one.

But something else is bothering Sapere, as she soon wonders if leaving the familiarity of the Wild leads to more harm than good. Should the survivors seek refuge with their sister tribe if they’ll arrive just in time for war? What if those who lived through the first attack don’t survive the second? –

First, let me say this isn’t a book you should pick up without having read the first in this series – it’s a must to understand what’s happening as this one begins where the other ends.

Sapere overcame many hurdles and held her own in the first book, but again feels like she’s starting from square one and needs to prove herself equal to others when the remainder of her tribe is taken in by a new village.  I liked her stance on how people with special gifts shouldn’t be treated differently than others without gifts – she’s more of an egalitarian kind of girl.

While Sapere may be a talented hunter and fighter and possess excellent survival skills, she’s clueless when it comes to men.  I thought Reo was going to have to knock her over the head and take a more direct approach before she figured out his feelings for her.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed near the end.  I’d been looking forward to an epic battle with the Pliz, especially in light of Sapere’s idea on how to defeat them, but the scant details are only mentioned in the aftermath.

This is a worthy followup to the first book and many characters find their happily ever after – but not without some challenges.  I’m not sure if the author has another book planned for this series, but I’d be interested in seeing what happens in these characters’ future.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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