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Welcome to the final day of Bad Moon On The Rise and Happy Halloween!  Today brings us Carole Nomarhas and her collection of short stories, The Fading.  So far, I’ve read two of these stories and found them to be wonderfully chilling – excellent storytelling.


unnamed (25)

The dead came back. All of them.’

Step quietly, my friend, mind the shadows. This way, this way, there’s something I wish for you to see…

The Fading: eleven darkly-twisted tales of fantasy and horror, magic and superstition. Venture into a place where the veil between worlds is wafer-thin, where the dead join the living and the sun never sets. Drive a road of dust and bones that may never end and may take you places you do not wish to go… Visit a picture-perfect house, in a picture-perfect village, where there is a very special box. Sit for a while on the front porch, and wait for the end of the world, unless something more terrifying comes calling first…

Carole Nomarhas delivers a unique blend of dread and intrigue in short stories that cross genres and lead the reader down paths that were once the familiar haunts of horror and fantasy readers alike. With a delicate brush she paints vivid worlds where serial killers dwell, and digs up past wrong-deeds with dire consequences. Each story is a delicately-woven tapestry of nightmare places and nightmare beings, ordinary folk in extraordinary situations.
Step quietly, mind the shadows, and I will see you on the other side…

How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

I’ve loved horror as long as I can remember, be it fiction or movies. Mostly I write short stories and they usually fall somewhere on the spec fic spectrum, be it SF, fantasy or horror.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I came back from a long hiatus from fiction, and the first thing I wrote was a horror story, and then another, and then another…  So I decided to add these new works to a collection including previously published work. I also had some ‘limbo’ stories. These were stories that had been accepted, but not paid for – small press, what can I say? There were a couple of stories I had no idea whether they had actually been published. The presses disappeared, but I didn’t know whether the story had been published or not before they folded, and so couldn’t in good faith submit them elsewhere.

So The Fading became a collection of new work, reprints, and my possibly unpublished ‘orphans’.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

Vampires. I suspect I’m allergic to them.

What are you working on now?

Short stories, as usual, of various persuasions,  though I’m revisiting a YA fantasy novel.

Favorite horror movie and book?

Hard, hard question.  Firstly, is Jaws a horror movie? Well, I’m an Aussie, so for me sharks are the ultimate horror. Spiders and snakes? I don’t care about those.  Sharks scare me silly, and Jaws is such a perfect movie anyway.  As for fiction, really hard to narrow it down. However, for purely sentimental reasons Salem’s Lot, the first Stephen King novel I ever read.

Author bio

Carole Nomarhas lives in a tiny village in New South Wales, Australia, where the main amenities are a pub and…  well, that’s pretty much it. She has three very strange rescue dogs, two demented rescue cats, and is married to the most patient man on the planet.

Her stories, which fall within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, have been appearing in print and online for many years.

After taking a long hiatus from writing fiction, she has returned to her first loves: horror and dark fantasy.

Where to find Carole

Glass City Books
Co-operative Ink
Email carole@glasscitybooks.com

Buy links

Amazon US
Amazon Australia
Amazon UK

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